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The diameter of the wheels in recent years is growing at a good pace. Nothing is surprising about the 17-inch diameter wheels in the small car's standard car, and an additional order of 20 or 21. It does not even require an SUV – medium-sized cars can sport wheels of this size.

The compact size of the Peugeot 308 hatchback's standard equipment is a 16-inch diameter, 5008 to 17-inch rim from the same manufacturer. In the Premium segment, the size is even more significant, for example, the BMW X7 will be released next year on standard X-rays with 20-inch wheels and the optional can be up to 22 feet. How do the car suspensions deal with rising edges, tire reduction, and increasing comfort needs?

There are more than one reason

The growth of the rims is due to several things. First of all, design – a car with larger hoops looks more beautiful.

Due to various safety systems and changes in body structure, the total weight of the vehicles is significantly higher than at the beginning of this century, and their brake discs have grown gradually and many 15-inch wheels in today's cars have not been physically installed, which would interfere with the brakes.

The condition of the roads is also improving gradually. In Lithuania, the main and regional roads are still lagging behind Germany or Spain, but the difference is clear from what it was 20 years ago. Every year, hundreds of kilometers of gravel roads are landscaped, the capital of the streets is organized, for example, only in Vilnius in 2018, the asphalt is covered by 80 km of streets.

After all, the cars are getting better. Its suspension system is able to absorb more punches and compensate for what neutralizes the tire on smaller wheels. Adjustable hardness dampers increasingly installed, which can be smoother on bad and harder roads and ensure road stability.

Drivers themselves, and according to their wishes, and manufacturers pay more attention to management features, not comfort. This is already quite a high level in many cars, but the limit of excellence in driving performance is still far away.

Design or functionality?

Rising wheels are also driven by cars on the rise. Today the Peugeot 308 is larger than the previous generation 308, now manufactured by the Audi A4 – than the previous generation of A4 and t. In addition, people tend to shift from universal to crossovers – larger slack, larger wheels and more cars. Some, for example, the world's strongest man, Zydrunas Savickas, have chosen a higher standard of living for a long time and this has a simple reason: they simply do not fit into smaller ones.

"I like SUV – since winter is with us, it's more convenient to drive, when it's more complicated." Easier to get on and off. I do not drive very bad roads, but more abundance is useful when you need to get to the farm in the winter. With a smaller car, you'll squeeze and sit on the floor, "explains Savickas, currently driving the world's largest Peugeot 5008 Crossover.

Galiūnas claims that only the functionality of the crossover is not enough for him – an important car design that greatly enhances the rims. Problems with a more difficult hanging every day from the concrete slab on the road Vilnius-Molėtai, the man who drives does not sit.

"I've always been prettier than the larger rims, and driving with them is normal – it's not that difficult. The car should look good, not cause some nasty details," the powerful man convinced.

The challenge for tire manufacturers

Rising edges have also challenged tire manufacturers. They had to start developing larger diameter and lower profile tires quickly, and ensure the same qualities already valued by customers.

The key to personal car tires is safety – the shortest stopping distance in a variety of coatings, better control properties, water resistance. Many tire drivers choose the expected mileage, noise and, of course, the price. For cars to grow and increase tires, the same qualities have been extremely difficult to increase without increasing the price.

But tire manufacturers have created the challenge, as evidenced by independent test results – they are improving. The braking distance in a variety of coatings each year, even in centimeters, but decreasing, causes the cars to become more and more involved in sudden maneuvers. At a tiny pace, but also a tire rises – today, nothing is surprising with a kit with which 50 thousand ride. km

One thing, when evaluating the use of a car with larger wheels, has changed – it's a price. The 18-inch-diameter tires cost approximately double the 15th. However, other objective criteria on vehicles remain the same or continue to improve.


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