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The first sympathy for the Baltic Sea was destined to become strong feelings and long friendship. At a party held by close friends, Kristina and Vytautas, dreaming of getting attention, did not start each other for many years.

"We know the anniversary of the old-fashioned girlfriend. We are both from Klaipeda, so we have many friends in common, in which we have been to some event, party or city. But that birthday had more to talk about " 15 min Kristina told about the beginning of the knowledge.

Photo by Vidmantas Balkūnas / 15min / Wedding moments of Christian Pišniukaitė and Vytautas Šimkus

Photo by Vidmantas Balkūnas / 15min / Wedding moments of Christian Pišniukaitė and Vytautas Šimkus

Today, a woman feels happy next to her not only for the love of life, but also for the best friend to whom she can trust secrets, enjoy and share her happiness. Vytautas and Kristina were in all the most important stages of life, as they say, in joy and frustration.

"At first we were friends, communicating in a company, and friendly feelings gradually turned into love. I like to say that I am married by the best of my friend. It was not love at first sight. Believe me, I think feelings of friendship are better than at first sight, "she thought.

The first date ran away from friends

Kristina, remembering the beginning of knowledge, jokes – she was the initiator of the friendship. As if the destiny of fate had been established for the friends who lived side by side to meet each other more and more: "My future husband is always laughing because I was the initiator. We lived on the road and we traveled to friends who were on the other side I drove the car, so I volunteered to go along with Vytautas. "He then said that I was showing attention.

However, Vytautas was the first to meet. On a sunny summer day, when the temperature reached all the columns of the thermometers, the couple decided to go to Smiltyne. This journey has been exceptional, with Christina remembering her, and it's still a big laugh today.

"We went to Smiltyne, it was a summer, an exceptionally hot day. We waited for the ferry, and the sweat exploded, because there was no shadow or lintel, and so we felt excitement. We had a great companion of friends, so we decided to meet with two and we will not tell anyone. In Smiltynė we just met the company, we could not escape anywhere, it was clear to everyone what was going on here. So we laughed we wanted to hide, but we could not, so we went to eat pizza together later, "Kristina remembers the first date.

Test of a couple of half a year

It is said, however, that no friendship is without judgment. They also had to try out this young couple. Though they had never divorced, Kristina, with her exchange program studying abroad, needed to worry about Vytautas, waiting for her girlfriend to come back.

"When Vytautas studied in Vilnius, I was studying in Klaipeda at the time, we were friends at a distance and this friendship is always a test. We were both aware that we were friends, but that time was meant to be good for me. "He was worried, but our friendship resisted this. test " 15 min K.Kišniukaitė said.

And when she returned from Turkey, Kristina decided it was time to live together and waited with the Vytautas suitcases who lived in Vilnius at the time. He says that every woman will reach the heart of man through the stomach, so according to Kristina, it is natural that the culinary works will soon be born in the couple's house.

"When we got to know, I had nothing to do with food, but when I stayed, the hobby came when I started cooking more often, because when you live with your parents, you do not do that. all phases and when I loved this activity, and when I decided to turn it into work.Now I think nowadays, a woman rarely gives so much time for food, so I'm joking that the Vytautas are very lucky to have a desire so great to produce, "said Kristina.

Photo by Vidmantas Balkūnas / 15min / Wedding moments of Christian Pišniukaitė and Vytautas Šimkus

Photo by Vidmantas Balkūnas / 15min / Wedding moments of Christian Pišniukaitė and Vytautas Šimkus

Asked if Vytautas really does not want to turn around in the kitchen, Kristina jokes and tells her to take care of the barbecue: "We're laughing that my hobby is called" On a wooden board "and its" On a metal grill "where grilled dishes , I will not interfere, produce it.

Brothers in London

And it seems that everything went down, friends at the party were born in solidarity, the first meeting at sea, and then, of course, the bride.

"In fact, we have been making friends for about 6 years, there was pressure from the parents and sometimes I did a tip. I was happy to finally be together, that was the most incredible moment of the journey, and then he suddenly knelt on the road.

The first reaction was like all women, I was very surprised. When you have time to make friends, realize that engagement is the next step, it was not like a clear sky storm. But at that time I was very happy to respond, "recalls Kristina.

However, the couple of grooms did not hurry at that time. They do not believe in the superstition that rings should be replaced in just a year when they rise. Kristina and Vytautas originally wanted to build a house, and then they started thinking about the people's party.

"When you meet young people, you begin to live together and to enter the house. I've never been a woman who dreams of weddings and plans to have them in kindergarten. I can call you not very feminine, but I do not really like dresses. My husband's marriage was not very important either. But after 5 years of friendship, the first thoughts about marriage came to me " 15 min said the woman.

Photo by Vidmantas Balkūnas / 15min / Wedding moments of Christian Pišniukaitė and Vytautas Šimkus

Photo by Vidmantas Balkūnas / 15min / Wedding moments of Christian Pišniukaitė and Vytautas Šimkus

And finally, after a long year, some friends decided that this spring would be the best time for another to swear eternal love. However, what a holiday without a girlfriend. Kristina celebrated with her friends last weekend. As he says, he had a quiet and very cozy party.

"My friends and friends of Vytautas know us very well, so we hope for that. My girlfriend was very calm, celebrating in a beautiful estate on the shore of the lake. I'm minimalist, aesthetic, so my friends chose a great place. We play games, have a photo shoot, talk and have fun. And the men were more active – they drove to the farm, were naked to the sauna, played games ", – Kristina laughed.

The wedding was planned to be abroad

Asked about the wedding ceremony, Kristina says she was originally planning to raise them abroad with Vytautas – they were fascinated by sunny lands and the possibility of only two mentioning this memorable day. However, in the long run, the couple realized that it would be very unfortunate to leave their loved ones, and some kind of tradition – a father-led bride at the altar – would be difficult to implement abroad.

Wedding moments of Kristina Pišniukaitė and Vytautas Šimkus:

"I can say goodbye to all future brides that it's easy to plan everything in the spring, do not rush, we could just ask for everything just a week ago." Customers were freer, committed to work, not tired. so we do not make big holidays.We plan to leave – we will be only two, somewhere near the sea where it is warm.We told this to parents and friends.We were all convinced that our marriage would be monotonous.

But over time, the relationship with friends, the family becomes stronger. When we started planning a wedding, I realized that my father would not be able to take me to the altar outside. I crawled, I really wanted those moments, dear ones. I thought it was necessary to celebrate in Lithuania, but Vytautas was not very impressed with this idea because he thought we were leaving. However, we found a compromise – our wedding is based on a trip to Bali, we flew the next day after them. For this reason, the celebration is very minimal, not a party with the musicians, but a simple dinner. 15 min said Kristina.

Photo by Vidmantas Balkūnas / 15min / Wedding moments of Christian Pišniukaitė and Vytautas Šimkus

Photo by Vidmantas Balkūnas / 15min / Wedding moments of Christian Pišniukaitė and Vytautas Šimkus

At first, the couple thought of marrying in the church in Žvėrynas district, but according to K. Pišniukaitė, they are not believers, so they chose to legalize marriage in Vilnius prefecture.

"In our family, religion does not take up much space, so we decided to stay honest with ourselves. We wanted the registry people to get married somewhere, but they just arrive at an enclosed space, so the idea arose that the wedding will be in the city hall, "the woman said of the choice of ceremony.

As Kristina and Vytautas love nature so much, the couple said they decided to go to the Panamanian greenhouse after the ceremony, where wonderful lights, plants and delicious food would make the atmosphere cozy.

"Because of the place I celebrated, I knew only the nuance – we could not call many people there, but we tried to focus on an environment that would create comfort and excitement. We chose the Panamanian greenhouse," Pišniukaitė said.

Fiancee 15 min said the wedding party was a bit compromised, so 35 guests were invited. It is true that the musicians and the couple from the first dance refused, but they did not forget the 12-hour accent. As true Romans, Kristina and Vytautas read handwritten and romantic letters to each other.

Photo by Vidmantas Balkūnas / 15min / Wedding moments of Christian Pišniukaitė and Vytautas Šimkus

Photo by Vidmantas Balkūnas / 15min / Wedding moments of Christian Pišniukaitė and Vytautas Šimkus

"We left many things for ecology, so we decided that at 12 o'clock we will have a romantic time where we will read each other's letters. So I plan to say that we decided to be a bit selfish and we celebrated as we wanted – we do not follow stereotypes. If my husband had to dance, he would not be happy, so we refused everything that gave us negative feelings, "she said openly.

Emotion before marriage failed

Although the couple planned a small celebration, the excitement was not successful. When the day of the most beautiful people approached, Kristina told her to start dreaming about her marriage.

"At first I did not worry, I thought it would not even be during the wedding." But a few weeks ago, the body already felt that an important day was coming in. It started with dreams. I have had to survive both health problems and the beginning of my activities, so now I know 100% that the man will be really close, "Kristina said. confidence.

Surprises in preparation for the holiday

However, none of the marriages goes without surprises, they also experienced the founders of the blog "On the wooden table". The future bride, who went to the tailor before the wedding, saw a very short dress. However, according to Kristina, she is a woman who responds calmly to all stressful situations, so she was not much surprised by this surprise.

"There were curious situations, my dress was a bit too long, so the tailor shortened, but too much, but it was not a very unpleasant event, tailors are very fortunate that I am not a maddening bride, so we found out calmly," Kristina laughed .

Traditional weddings are traditional and clothing. The bride decided to wear a white dress and a future man in a black suit.

"My traditional dress is white, minimalism prevails in our image and decoration.If I went to the wedding dressed in glitter and ruffles, nobody would probably understand me.I want to look cool, but I want to stay myself, not do something radically different. I would not be ashamed after 20 years of looking at the photos, "said the blogger.

Asked About Wedding Rings, Kristina 15 min He told her husband they had different accessories that were significant for the wedding: "My future husband wanted the design of the rings to be the same, but I did not like the option he offered, but he thinks.We did not find a version we have decided that they would be different because there is no family happiness in the rings, so we choose them for ourselves, both are yellow gold – polished Vytautas and my little fine diamonds. "

Photo by Vidmantas Balkūnas / 15min / Wedding moments of Christian Pišniukaitė and Vytautas Šimkus

Photo by Vidmantas Balkūnas / 15min / Wedding moments of Christian Pišniukaitė and Vytautas Šimkus

Only the brothers will live in the life of this beautiful couple. After choosing Šimkienė's name after the wedding, Kristina says she is dreaming of a child with Vytautas. Although you may know, they may have a football team in the future.

"Storks are the next step, we have no specific plans, but it would be a very joyful message. My husband used to play football before, saying he wanted all football teams, but now we're talking about one, not more than two. There's such a calculation for twins, so we hope we can shoot two rabbits with a single shot, "Kristina smiled.


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