Waiting for First-Time Talents – First-Round Talents Promising to Become NBA Stars (1-10 Connections)


As the National Basketball Association (NBA) Newbie approaches, teams have done most of their homework and have talented young people based on their skills and future prospects.

In the first round, youngsters are usually associated with the high hopes of NBA clubs, they are immediately anticipated in local teams, and receive a lot of attention and space. Any talent would love to hear your first name on the NBA's New Exchange.

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10. Jaxson Hayes (University of Texas Longhorns, 19, 211 cm)

Hayes's father, Jonathan, has played professionally football and is still a member of the Cincinnati Bengals technical team. This sport could have waited for Hayes, but the 183 cm high and ninety-nine still had up to 211 cm at school and it became clear that basketball was a much more logical choice for him.

Highlander made a strong debut at the University of Texas where he scored 10 points (73 percent colonies), 5 rebounds and 2.2 blocks in 23 minutes. It is true that the striker's success did not help Longhorns get into "March Madness."

Mature highs still need to gain mass to be able to push with the highest levels of the NBA. He regains lack of power with alacrity and long hands and demonstrates space efficiency in the penalty area. It is true that he has no versatility – Hayes is completely unaware of the distance and has made only 9 successful transfers throughout the season. He would play the role of hoop protector, although he has the potential to do more.

9. Sekou Doumbouya (MIC of Limoges, 18, 205 cm)

The top-ranked European talent of this season was shouting cheerfully during the Draft Combine Camp, demonstrating an impressive combination of data and physical abilities with strong rivals and a series of three goal-oriented points. For France, such a summons is not foreseen without a reason.

The forward, who has matured early, will only be celebrating his 19th birthday in December, becoming one of the youngest players on the stock exchange. That did not stop him from competing with pros this season. The French had a chance to appear in the European Cup, where they did not hurt the board – they collected 6.9 points (25% of three points), 2.8 rebounds and 0.6 passes in 15 minutes.

The biggest disadvantage of a Guinea-born basketball player is the lack of basic basketball. He started playing basketball only at age 12, so his physical qualities far outweighed skill development. However, the development of a long, fast and athletic striker has not escaped the eyes of the NBA scouts – high ceilings of their potential can be attained if the experienced Frenchman improves his understanding of his basketball.

8. Cameron reddish (Duke's nervous depression, 20 years, 203 cm)

One of the members of the Duke University constellation will probably regret his decision to opt for this university. The sniper remained in the shadow of Z. Williamson and R. Barretto, losing their intended third call and falling to the top ten.

The reddish one collected statistics this season – 30 minutes, 13.5 points (33% three points), 3.7 rebounds and 1.6 rebounds and 1.9 results. The usual player would not shame such numbers, but it was expected to be more, and Duke's constellation did not even reach the NCAA finals, turning the sniper season into a flop.

However, this season did not hide its advantages. C.Reddish is an extremely athletic basketball player with creativity, selflessness and ability to play in four positions. Throwing a long arm and a quick ball makes it easier for him to get off the ground, although he rarely reaches the penalty area due to a bad first step. By improving defense and throwing choices, the reddish can become a very solid player.

7. Coby White (Tar Heels, University of North Carolina, 19, 196 cm)

C.White is undoubtedly the hottest owner of this generation's hairstyle, but it's not just distinguished by that. His entire family lives in basketball, his father's father playing in college, and his brother is still a trainer at Mars Hill University. It seems that Wilhite will become the family's affection.

The quarterback made his debut this season at Michael NBA's North Carolina University and received 29.1 points (35% of three points), 3.5 rebounds and 4.1 high scores. With points (469) collected in the opening season, he even overtook Jordan, although, of course, he can not compare it.

Exclusive Speed ​​Defender has many ways to earn points. It boasts both sharp bursts and plenty of three hands, moving well with and without the ball. He also has a jump in height and good physical qualities, but he does not have versatility, and his speed often loses his head and makes wrong decisions. However, he has the potential of a star who is interested in several league teams.

6. Darius Garland (Commodores of Vanderbilt University, 19 years, 188 cm)

Garland is one of the most mysterious players in this exchange. Because of the artistic trauma, he has played only five matches this season. In May, the defender was invited to participate in the NBA teams, but left the field quickly because he reached an agreement with one of the top clubs. This was probably the Los Angeles Lakers, who eventually changed their fourth call, thus complicating Garland's plans. At the last minute, he attended a New York Knicks training, where he was trying to steal R. Barretto's third call.

Although Garland's stats are inadequate to evaluate, he played for 28 minutes at Vanderbilt University in 5 games and scored 16.2 points (48% of three points), 3.8 rebounds and 2.6 points high. It is also not rational to take into account school statistics, so when evaluating Garland, NBA clubs will not need to depend on naked numbers.

The American is a great adventurer in speed, dexterity and ball control. He can also be called a deadly sniper, so it poses a major threat to the attackers. Winston Garland, a seven-year-old father of the NBA, is also involved in his good genome set. Improved defenses and physically reinforced (it will not be easy to set up a gland), he can become one of the league's most prominent players.

5. Jarrett Culver (Texas Red Raiders University of Technology, 20, 198 cm.)

Culver created this ashes story this season. When he was still out of school, he was not ranked among the basketball players of his generation. Only in recent years has he attracted more attention from universities and chose a local Texas program. Here he had a dream – he became a team leader and made it to the NCAA final this season.

After a season of medium debut, this year he raised his stats to the sky – 33 minutes, 18.5 points (30% of three points), 6.4 rebounds and 1.4 balls captured, and 3.7 results . He lost 15 points in the lost finals, recovered 9 balls and helped his teammates five times, although he gave up the thrill of attacking the basket (5/22 pitches).

The American is a very versatile and practically capable basketball player, although he does not have an exclusive ability. Culver sees the square well and fights for the balls, defends well, can play in various positions, is athletic, has a good understanding of basketball. After updating his release and adding a little muscle mass, he pretends to be an NBA star.

4. DeAndre Hunter (University of Virginia Cavaliers, 21, 201 cm)

Hunter's first season The ideas of the NCAA were the first of the conference and a real chance to win the title. However, shortly before the playoffs, the striker broke his wrist and his team suffered a fiasco. With the NBA sieve, Hunter returned to complete the affairs in Virginia and did not give time – he brought Cavaliers to the NCAA champions rings.

The striker scored 15.2 points (44% of three points), 5.1 rebounds and 2 qualifying passes this season for 33 minutes. In the finals he also stood out, winning 27 points (4/5 points) and recovering 9 balls.

Like Culver, he does not have a unique ability, but he can do a lot at a high level, and he's a little taller and more solid, and in the battle between the two he showed a stronger character and gained a micro-cavity. Athletics, energy, combat and long hands allow him to play in various positions. On December 22 will reach him, so the lack of identity and position clear raises questions, but Hunter is a clay that can be used to climb a lot.

3. R. Barrett (Duke of Blue Devils, 19 years, 201 cm)

One more hope for Canadian basketball was announced in 2017 when he was two years younger than his rivals conquered the US team and led his country to 19 years of age for the gold of the world championship. Since then, his career has not stopped growing.

He joined forces with Z. Willianson for 35 minutes to collect 22.6 points (31% of three points), 7 rebounds and 4.3 points high. For anyone, it would be a staggering statistic, and even more fantastic becomes, bearing in mind that Barrett was only the second team to attack.

A well-built left hand often depends a lot on your strong hand, but it has many great features – speed, dexterity, athletics, high basketball intelligence and field power. Steve Nash's baptizing character has a good leg work and has strengthened the game with a weak hand and a spare technique, claiming to be a prominent NBA star.

2. Ja Morant (Racers, Murray State University, 19 years, 190 cm.)

In the middle, the unrated player just dropped in the first division of the NCAA by chance. James Kane, a Racers assistant who followed another talent, noticed that Morant was playing on the other side of the field and invited him to a review of the team, thus beginning to fame.

In the two years at Murray State University, Morant became a national star, and this season was marked by a trio of doubles, the last time he played in the playoffs when he eliminated favorite Marquette University. For 37 minutes, J.Morantas scored 24.5 points (36% of three points), 5.7 rebounds and 10 qualifying passes.

The long-legged adventurer perfectly organizes the attacks, sees the square well and creates opportunities for teammates. Speed, athletics, fighting, good leap and understanding of basketball make it an elitist talent. Adding physical strength and improving the three-point hit, Morantas can become an elitist player, even at the NBA level. He is actually intending to join Stephen Curry and Damian Lillard, who did so without touching prestigious universities.

1. Zion Williamson (Duke Blue Devils, 18, 201 cm)

For a long time, Zilleron was praised and loved by everyone for sleeping the night of the New York Stock Exchange. He will undoubtedly be called to the first number and will not have to sign his first professional contract.

A highly-prized striker scored 22.6 points this season for 30 minutes (68 percent pitching, 34 percent three points), 8.9 rebounds and 2.1 balls captured, 2.1 passes and 1 , 8 blocked bids.

The cosmic combination of mass, strength, athletics and speed allowed him to become one of the most anticipated talents of the time of LeBron James. In the midst of his talent, he was questioned for lack of competition, but at university with his colleagues he was again playing with children, silencing all the critics. If Z. Williamson is able to improve his basic skills and prevent injuries, he can become one of the best athletes of his career.


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