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Survived by St. The Joy of Easter and the Resurrection of Christ, April 28 Kaunas Ąžuolynas Orchestra of Wind Instruments invites citizens and guests to the concert "Easter Music" under the historical vaults of the Resurrection Church of Kaunas Christ.

It is a special musical hour that will present works that mark the symbols of faith, resurrection and spring. "Easter Music" is like a sacred journey in time – from the solemn and intelligent trumpets of Antonio Vivaldi to contemporary British author John Rutter and Pie Jesu by Andrew Lloyd Webber ("I will sing with the spirit", "In Jesu" " ) or the popular Scottish tunes "Highland Cathedral".

The concert is also notable because Ugnius Vaiginis, the master conductor of the Lithuanian State Wind Instrument Orchestra, Trimitas, proposed and organized the program.

The Trimitas and Ąžuolynas family orchestras have long been friends of the orchestral genre, but in the fall of last year they dreamed of new forms of communion with two orchestras, and soon agreed to start programs through the exchange of conductors.

The idea of ​​such an exchange began first in 2019. March 15 at Trimito Concert Hall, Vilnius. The State Orchestra of Wind Instruments Trimitas, together with Giedrius Vaznis, conductor of the Kaunas Wind Instruments Orchestra, prepared and conducted a solid program called Kaleidoscope. From Samuel Haz to John Williams. The event is a concert that continues the projections of creative communion. "All regeneration amounts to a small miracle and, as it relates to both the beautiful communion and the celebration of the resurrection – a double coincidence, at least for a moment, brings us wings," says Maestro U. Vaiginis, who always lack optimism and fun .

The concert "Easter Music" – Kaunas Wind Instruments Orchestra Ąžuolynas, which will be presented by U. Vaiginis, but the spring program will be decorated with solo inclusions of the orchestra's soloists Vytautas Bložė and Dainius Kanio (trumpets). soloists – Justina Tomkutė-Petraitienė (soprano), Justin Buta (Birbynė). "Each of our meetings with the listeners is like a musical desire sent to them. With this musical hour, we want to congratulate our loyal music lovers with spring. Be vigilant and grow every day, "says Vaidas Andriuškevičius, head of the concert hall" Kauno santaka ".

Many future colors, shadows and an intention are to extend the Celebration of the Resurrection in the Church of the Resurrection and to know the magically reborn spring awakened.


April 28, 2019 (Sunday) 1:30 p.m.



(regent of orchestra Giedrius Vaznys)

Soloists of Kaunas Music Ensemble Ainiai

The concert is led by Jurgis Kublilius


Justina Tomkutė-Petraitienė (soprano)

Justin Buta (Birbynė)

Vytautas Bložė (trumpet)

Dainius Kanys (trumpet)

Master Ugnius Vaiginis


1. Antonio Vivaldi (1678 – 1741) – Concert for Two Trumpets

2. Johan Sebastian Bach (1685-1750) – Escape to the Gigue / air. Gustav Holst

3. Franz Biebl (1906 – 2001) – Ave Maria / ar. Robert Cameron

4. Giovanni Gabrieli (1557 – 1612) – Canzona per Donare no. 4

5. Edward Grieg (1843 – 1907) – Morgenstimmung

6. John Rutter (* 1945) – I will sing with the spirit

7. Michele Mangani (* 1966) – Theme for trumpet

8. Robert Spittal (* 1963) – Pacem (A Hymn for Peace)

9. Andrew Lloyd Weber (* 1948) – In Jesu

10. Michael Korb (* 1960) and Ulrich Roever (1934 – 1997) – Highland Cathedral / ar. Jay Dawson

* * *

11. Leonard Cohen (* 1934) – Halleluhjah

Duration of the concert: 1 hour.

Admission is free

Organizer: KA Kauno Santaka (Chief Vaidas Andriuškevičius)


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