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UrBonus: Changes in Grunwald, rumors and clear messages between rows

What does Šarūnas Jasikevičius have in mind between the lines?

Which greyhounds played their last Euroleague match in Žalgiris clothes?

What possibilities for Mindaugas Kuzminskas and Luka Lekavičius to see again with the Žalgiris t-shirts?

After the defeat of Kaunas Žalgiris basketball players in the quarter-finals of the 1-3 Euroleague Istanbul Fenerbahce team, Donatas Urbonas, head of the UrBonus podcast, and Rokas Pakėnas and Ervinas Kvitkauskas, basketball commentators discussed the season of Greenland and waited for changes.

15 min basketball podcast "UrBonus" on: "Grunwald" series with "Fenerbahchen" (1:10); where "Grunwald" was able to reach "Fenerbahchen" (4:27); what Fenerbahche took from Grunwald (12:40); if Grunwald would have won the series with CSKA (15:50); players who lost "Grunwald" (21:30); eloquent praise to Shar and Zelko (24:30); the devalued characteristic of Grunwald (27:20); why M.Grigon could seduce the riches of Euroleague (31:30); Shows messages between lines (39:00); the inevitable loss of "Grunwald" (42:20); It finds P.Jankūnas, A.Kavaliauskas, D.Thompson and L.Birutis (46:00); Kuzminski's ability to play in Grunwald (55:15); L.Lekavičius & Return to Žalgiris (57:25); the name of the new center of Grunwald (1:00:50); The future of L.Westermann and A. Millilis in Kaunas (1:03:30); the only proposal that could take Shar from Kaunas (1:09:50).

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