Top: Desperate LeBron, Davis Marionette and Possible Dagger in Kyrie


All the major sports news portals in the US and the rest of the world have been in the headlines in the last 24 hours, one way or another, to bring Davis's decision to trade for New Orleans pelicans.

There is no doubt that AD itself lifts the wings of the Pelican's exit, but if you look closely at this situation, you may see LeBron's increasingly voluminous forehead stretching over his shoulders. Both of the circumstances that led to Davis and the date of this step testify that the King and his agency Klutch Sports are currently attempting to do what English speakers call the "power move" – ​​their power and turn based on influence.

The first foundation today for the fast-paced scenario was put on the eve of this season when on September 28, Davis officially entered into a contract with a new agent, Rich Paul. The agent who represents the interests of the basketball player now also works with several other NBA stars of the first brilliance, including his longtime friend LeBron.

This move by Anthony in New Orleans was the beginning of an end. No one doubted that Paul would do anything to make AD in the near future the Lakers' second star and, along with LBJ, would return the Angel City Club to the NBA Olympia.

The pressure exerted by the agent in the Pelicans organization is obviously apparent in the Los Angeles club proposal in the first message about Davis' decision. For comparison, this is how the world learned about the declarations of stars that were recently solicited directly or indirectly by their clubs:

And here's a message for sports fans around the world on Monday afternoon:

There is no need to be a detective to see the obvious difference. When half the words are not mentioned in his ads about other players, Davis's name is not the first in his message about his desire to leave the pelicans! But so aggressive is LeBron family step should not surprise.

The truth is that both Lakers and James himself are currently in a desperate situation. The club was hopeful for the arrival of Paul George this summer and strongly believed that the former Pacers leader would choose the Los Angeles club not to bother to switch to the Indiana club. In turn, the favorite game in Oklahoma PG13 did not even bother to meet the Lakers this summer. The reason for the risk mentioned in the bottle of champagne in Magico Johnson's office is still standing.

This summer, the Los Angeles club also has a number of ambitious plans. The free agents will be Kawhi Leonard, Kevin Durant, Klay Thompson, Kyrie Irving, Jimmy Butler and DeMarcus Cousins, and a whole host of basketball players on the NBA's lowest shelf.

However, the lesson given to George George makes the Lakers more realistic and more cautious about their ability to enter the free agents market on July 1. Free-space salary budgets will also include other clubs located in the NBA's biggest markets – the Brooklyn Nets, the New York Knicks, the Chicago Bulls and the Clippers waiting for themselves in Los Angeles.

The shock to the Lakers' self-confidence was also caused by Durant, not any longer – said most league stars did not want to play with LeBron. Whatever the truth of this statement, one fact can not be contradicted – a game with James James and a group of young but still very slow progressive basketball players sounds so much less tempting than being able to join LBJ and AD and fight for the best goals.

If the Los Angeles club can not convince pelicans to send Davis to them, the organization can be hit tremendously. Depending on the decisions of free agents, the legendary Lakers can experience absolute humiliation and spend the next four years in the shadow of Clippers, carried by K. Durant and Leonardo.

However, such a blow to the Hollywood basketball club would not be as strong as James James himself. The best NBA player of this generation to assume Jordan Jordan's all-time best basketball player status would not only be forced to forget this dream, but also the lure of shame forever shameful.

Jerry West, Wilts Chamberlain, Magic Johnson, Carmem Abdul-Jabbar, James Worthy, Kobe Bryant, Shaquille O'Neale – all these Lakers legends are united by the same fact. Each of them won at least one NBA champion title in the gold and purple club. LeBron's legacy in his career and legacy in case of a fever in LeBron would have been a loser for centuries.

LeBron's first season in Los Angeles is one of the most striking parallels to the first year of his return to Cleveland. At the turn of the year 2014-15, then-leader Cavaliers took the displeasure of "basketball fans" during the regular season.

When it comes to holidays, I do not mean a lazy defensive regular season with a James card. On December 30, 2014, January 13, 2015, the LBJ retired elementally and did not get a single win in the Cavaliers team that won eight games.

Although we did not see LeBron's influence in the square at that time, it was easy to feel the action of the Cleveland Club. The self-assessment of the two-week organization on January 7, in two separate exchanges, was complemented by Iman Shumper, New York Knicks and Smith Smith, and Timofey Mozgov of Denver's Nuggets.

Although it is unmistakable to say that James himself was directly involved in this exchange, since it is not possible, his contribution to the composition of his clubs throughout his career brought him the nickname "general manager."

Overlapped or not, but four years later, the ingenious Golden State Warriors 'injury in a match against the Golden State Warriors during the injury of the four-year anniversary did not make the Lakers' team an absolutely identical time. It is true that his withdrawal this time took a little longer. The solution to a club's problems in Los Angeles, likely to be at a more powerful Western Conference, took a little longer.

The influence of King James spread in the distance Davis's demand for exchange did not happen at the moment. The Lakers 'most serious contenders in the fight for the New Orleans organization to stand out with their star today are considered the Lakers' top opponents in the battle for the best NBA club name, the Boston Celtics.

The Danny Ainge-led organization has a much larger number of "exchange chips" – the Pelicans Boston Club can offer young and talented players (Jaylen Brown, Jayson Tatum and Terry Rozier) as well as stock quotes year) will likely have his own choices in the first round, Kings, Grizzlies and Clippers), both experienced and fighting for respectable players (Gordon Hayward, Al Horford).

If the New Orleans Club manages to trigger an auction-based war between Boston and Los Angeles organizations, the Lakers will not stay long. Lonzo Ball and Brandon Ingram still do not justify the status of quotes from the second newcomer, Kyle Kuzma exceeds expectations, but not as talented to become a central part of the Davis exchange, and JaVale McGee or Lance Stephenson is of no use in a phrase with the word "respectability".

However, the hands of the Celtics this season are tied to an interesting NBA rule. No club can have two basketball players who signed the current contracts under the so-called "Rose Exception". This exception allows players to sign a second 30% more lucrative contract after the end of their new contracts due to their exceptional achievements (MVP trophy, entry into the NBA five symbolic season or the start of the All Stars match).

This is the contract that Davis currently has. With the same exception, Irving was also used by Cleveland's Cavaliers Club. In short, the Celtics can only buy the AD this season in exchange for a good deal with Kyrie.

However, after this season, Irving has the right of the player to extend the contract to another season, which the basketball player will almost not use. In that case, the Boston Club could get out of this rule by picking up and trading with Pelicanos and extending the contract with Kyrie.

There is another, but very unlikely scenario – Irving may agree to sign a pre-contract with the Celtics to unleash his hands on the Davis acquisition. However, the financial damage that would be incurred by Kyrie in such a case is so great that this option seems virtually impossible.

The demand for eyebrow swapping or, more precisely, the words of his agent, Paul, eliminates the Celtics from fighting for the AD until February 7 the window of the season change. LeBron, Magic and Rich tactfully calculated the chess move against the Boston Club. But in this party more than two players sit on the board.

Today, in the NBA League, it is easier to find clubs that are not interested in buying Davis than the phone number of Dick Demps, General Manager of Pelicans, as well as the organizations they learned on the last day. New Orleans is aggressively attacked by Clippers, Knicks, Nets, Bulls (laughter is reduced because AD has grown up in Chicago) and many other teams, but the two organizations involved in Lithuania are particularly intriguing in that context.

The combination of young players and veterans to be included in the exchange with the Celtics, at least theoretically, could compete with the Denver Nuggets team, compiled by Arthur Karnišov. Jamal Murray, Gary Harris, Will Barton, Millsap Paul, Mason Plumlee, Mickey Beasley, Mount Morris – New Orleans can be offered to a potential Colorado State Club basketball player with a non-Nikola name.

It is true that it is difficult to say patiently and intentionally in some seasons that the Nuggets team will break the core of the team and take advantage of the chance to buy probably the most talented generation of this generation.

In addition, while the joke of Nicholas and Davis sounds intriguing and the AD itself would be able to play in its position as a favorite striker, Pelicans last year tried to build something similar to its leader building Cousins. The results were not very disappointing, but the sixth place in the West did not deprive the mountain.

There is another less interesting variant of AD's career, in which case at least one supercomedy team of the season would be born in the Eastern Conference.

Masai Ujiri

Masai Ujiri

© DELFI / Karolina Pansevic

If the pelicans really traded their leader before February 7 – the organization is not required to do so and can expect the Celtics to catch up with them in the summer – they can follow the example of San Antonio Spurs and strengthen their conference. Lakers sent Davis away from himself. Even outside the USA.

It is difficult to assess the value of basketball players involved in potential exchange discussions. Perhaps some readers argue fiercely, but the interest of the Raptors created by Ballo, Ingram, Kuzma or Josh Hart, if chosen by Masai Ujiri, could be easily overcome.

The New Orleans Club can be promoted to Toronto with a midfielder (Jonas Valančiūnas or Sergei Ibaka) and two promising young players (Pascal Siakamas, O. G. Anunoby) and the upcoming stock exchanges.

In addition, the Raptors could seduce the pelicans by taking on the extremely expensive contract from Solomon Hill by sending Norman Powell or Mr Miles to the jazz capital. The pair of Leonardo and Davis, with Danny Green and Kyle Lowry, could be a convincing defense. However, Kawhi's risk of leaving Toronto this summer and young basketball players who in this case would not be better than the current pelicans in the 2019-2020 season could cool Ujiri's enthusiasm.

Although the Lakers' hierarchy has hit the Celtics with an aggressive turn, no one can guarantee that this solution will work. It all depends on a New Orleans organization that can cancel any Los Angeles club advantage in less than 10 days.

If Pelicans decides to wait for the summer, it will be interesting to see what decision they will make in the upcoming AD season. The worst-case scenario for New Orleans may be a long-lasting acute trauma, so there's a chance we've already seen Davis' last match at the Pelicans.

It's not a whole series of scary opportunities for this article, but they play a very important role in this sports melodrama. Another scenario would be an incredible nightmare for the Celtics organization.

A few weeks ago, Kyrie called LeBron and apologized for leaving the Cavaliers club. A few days later, on the social network, James "hooked" Irving into a musical piece in that context, with a subtle name – "Rewind."

LeBron James, Kyrie Irving

LeBron James, Kyrie Irving

© Getty Images

If the Los Angeles club is able to trade with Pelicans and acquire Davis, what can be guaranteed that this summer, Irving will not make the most treacherous betrayal of more than half a century of Celtics and Lakers warfare and will not move to Hollywood?

Opportunities, odds, underwater currents, anger, reconciliation, doubts, doubts – who needs Netflix in the 2018-19 NBA season?


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