Timma fell dramatically


The winning series of the United League has been extended to the team of Chimki (19/5), which is preparing for a successful playoff.

Kurtinaitis rhymes the team trained in movement showed the character and after the extension 97:93 (14:18, 22:17, 15:24, 32:24, 14:10) defeated Nizhny Novgorod (11/11), seventh on the tournament table.

4 seconds before the end of the fourth quarter, the hosts chose 84:81, but plenty of space Janis Timma reached point three and picked up the extension.

Chimki's team won third place in the tournament table as basketball players below Krasnodar Lokomotiv-Kuban (16/7) have no chance of reaching R. Kurtinaitis.

Nizhny Novgorod: Vladimir Dragicevicius 25 (9/11 colonies, 9 relatives, 33 left), Anton Astapkovich 16, Ian Hummer and Georgius Jeanban (10 relatives, 8 years)..

Chimki: Alexey Swede 34 (8/13 colonies, 4/15 three-point, 7-cylinder, 7th series, 21 use left), Jordan Mickey 22, Janis Timma 20 (5 percent).


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