The YVA Group celebrates its 18th anniversary: ​​see how the girls' image has changed


Natalia Bunke is probably one of the best-known women in Lithuania for many years since she and her sister and co-founder of the "EIA" group.

So she was one of the most scandalous groups of girls, with their performances clung to the scent of more than one man, and women envied the girl's perfect shapes.

Natalia Bunke, unlike most stage worlds, made her career, even before she married David Zvonka, she was very popular.

The scandalist's label is no stranger to her, but over the years the woman has changed and matured, eventually creating a family and currently raising her child. Of course, in the world of the scene can still be considered a queen.

So as the appearance of the EIA group has changed over the years, you can see in the gallery.

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