The Thunder for King Power: The Andorran Club first hit this season with Real


Victory was granted to guests after 3 seconds. Dylan Ennis's throw in the back of the basket hits the basket.

Sergio Llullas also tried a 3-point win but was unable to play.

VIDEO: The winning bid by Dylan Ennis

On Sunday night, Real won everything this season: two Superliga matches, five Euroleague matches and six Spanish championships.

Real: Jaycee Carroll 32, Sergio Llullas 17, Walter Tavares 12, Felipe Reyes 10

MoraBanc: Dylan Ennis and Michele Vitaly at age 17, Shayne Whittington 16, Andrew Albicy 14 (9 rev.), Moussa Diagne, John Shuma and David Jelinek after 10.


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