The squirrel on the new book of Grybauskaitė: is unacceptable


"Yes, when the deadline is popular, the leaders themselves write books, and I do not abandon that idea, no matter what position I left for active rest.There were a lot of thoughts, documents and events, but for a politician who works, I do not think it's acceptable, "the prime minister told a news conference in Elto on Thursday.

The prime minister admitted that he had not read the book or the film about the head of state has not yet seen.

"Be an election, do not want to comment, did not see the movie and did not read the book alone, I can not comment the content," he said.

At the end of May, a new book on President Grybauskaitė will appear in bookstores. The book Stop the Fuck. President Dalia Grybauskaitė wrote ten years together with the Chairman of the Press Service and Senior Advisor in Public Relations and Communication Daiva Ulbinaitė.

The famous title of Grybauskaitė "Stop the Fuck" became the title of the book. This phrase has turned into a philosophy of life, a foundation of values ​​that has led to many political and human decisions, inspired by many, and even to take what seems impossible. On the cover of the book, "Nustokim krūpčiot", written by Grybauskaitė, is an invitation to dare to take responsibility for yourself and your country.

"Nustokim krūpčiot" became the slogan of the documentary about President Grybauskaitė "Secret of the State", by director Donatas Ulvydas. This documentary is among the five most popular films several weeks ago and attracts many viewers to the movie theaters.

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