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It is true that it was a little easier for the participant to recognize Rata as a spectator – the French manicure, which decorated her during the show, was shown anonymously, where the winners placed the last part of the heart puzzle. At that time, the other finalist's hands were decorated with a bright red color.

Just a matter of seconds, viewers did not slip from their eyes, and for fans of a real reality show on Facebook's official island page, viewers identified the episode as a resentful mistake that spoiled the climax.

"It's great that you've revealed everything. The report shows that Neris and Reda will win, "said users of social networks.

Stopkadras / Reality Room Moments

Stopkadras / Reality Room Moments

After the confusion 15 min contacted the island's producer Dominyku Kubilius. He states that the heated debate should not overwhelm the finals but several times asking if the producers actually revealed the result by mistake disappeared from the direct response.

"Where do you know that the nails will be there? It could be the hand of anyone else" 15 min D. Kubilius, producer of the program, said they did not really look to produce the show for their nails. – "Leave these moods (of the Internet) to those who live in them. We take care of the dramaturgy of the show and the spectacle, do not really worry about where and where the nails are."

Asked if the debate on the Internet will affect the outcome of the show, Kubilius assured me that no.

Photo of Vidmantas Balk┼źnas / 15min / Kubilius Interesting

Photo of Vidmantas Balk┼źnas / 15min / Kubilius Interesting

Already today, the grand finale of the great adventure and love reality show "Sala" will be held. Boys and girls from all over Lithuania for over a month in Tenerife have sought out their second hand and had a dazzling adventure until after the finale, there were only two couples fighting for the title of "The Island" – Neris with Reda and Viktor with Evelina.

For some of your votes will be released by the participants of the "Salos", which was the final task of the project in the crater of the volcano and of course, who really have become the winners of the adventure and love reality show "Island", you can find out today.


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