The Shocking Reality of Family Children's Lives: He said that when it hurts more


With a particularly strong focus on child safety in Lithuania, we hear more and more stories about children taken from families. According to the usual scenario, the children then return to their families or are transferred to the safe hands of close relatives or caregivers.

But some of the children in the family have to stay in the hospital for some time because of the crisis or serious problems. It is these puppies that are trying to take care of the volunteers of the initiative "Children of Nothing".

Ieva Shuipe, director of the No Children # 39 initiative, which sees the stories of children separated from their families nearby, says the worst is when parents do not want to visit the hospital's brothers.

The problem of lonely children

Schuipe emphasizes that the Children Initiative was born to address the problem of lonely children: "In this case, we should speak not only about children who were taken from families but also about those in the hospital or children from a large family when parents can not care they have no chance of being together in the hospital. The essence of this initiative is that there should be the least number of unmarried children in hospitals. "

The spokesperson for the portal says that, according to the original idea, "No Children" volunteers had to help pre-school children in hospitals, but the reality was a bit different.

"As our idea matures, we think our volunteers would look after someone as young as seven. But in the same Kaunas clinics, there was also a lot of duty for older children. So in our activities, this age limit is not strictly plotted, "says I. Schippe.

Sad child (photo

Sad child (photo

Take it unnecessarily

According to the leader of this initiative, I. Schippe, the situation of children in voluntary care is changing every day: "For example, in the summer and early autumn of last year, most children came to the hospital in crisis situations. Late autumn and winter – foster home children. The number of supervised children varies every day. Usually in Vilnius we provide emotional support to 5-6 children per month. "

Speaking of children who were taken from an insecure environment, Mr. Schippe sighed, "There are many different opinions in society about the children taken from families. But how many of these children had to be seen in hospitals, how much we had to communicate with our volunteers, it would be difficult to find many cases in which we could say that one or another child was taken unnecessarily from an insecure environment.

I just want to point out that we are not and we do not try to be judges of the families from which the children were taken. We only see children. Sometimes your parents come and visit your children.

All we have learned is from the stories of children and their parents. But we really have not reached the family history. Our mission is to give the child emotional support and quality care when she needs it most and not judge anything. "

According to the spokesperson of the news portal, the most painful of his activities is to see children who were forgotten by the parents in the hospital:

"The fact that parents are not forbidden to visit their children's hospital, but the problem is that it is rare for parents to visit a child only a few days or weeks later. minutes and back with more important things.

After these visits, our volunteers often need to calm down and have children. So it is very difficult to realize that some parents are not worried about their children … Only a part of the parents is able to recognize their mistakes and therefore sincerely regret, but not all of them, "says Schuipe.

Mom does not change anything

According to I. Šuipė, physically and psychologically affected children fall into the hospital from an unsafe environment:

"Sometimes children who are injured in an accident are hospitalized. For example, you get sick. There was a case of a flat head syndrome in the baby due to the long time lying in the crib or when the baby had injuries due to neglect. Many children also have psychological problems. They do not feel safe, so the volunteers have to make a great effort to calm them down. "

However, according to I. Schippe, there are times when a mother of a few days who was not seen by a mother saw a person so close, it seems that even the princes enter the mother, as if they say they no longer want to be left.


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