The publication "On the Wind Wings" combines music, poetry and photography.


"Bird that sleeps

In the room with us

And what did you think then?

Carving Your Ears ".

In this sombre song "Avelė i muns bagažo", the Lithuanian opera singer Gintarė Skerytė started the presentation of Ant Wind Wings in the national library of Martynas Mažvydas.

Following the presentation, the singer of the music school "Liepaičiai" Ieva Jankauskaitė, Dorota Kuncevič, Nerija Labanauskaitė, Šarūnė Petkevičiūtė, Emilija Smilinskaitė sang five more songs of the publication, the concertina Justinas Armonas was added to them, along with the photos of Ramūnas Danisevičius on the pedestals of the library.

Nedas Malūnaviciute, creator of the presentation, was creatively linked by two blues "Voras" and "Kandis", which was also published in the book "On the Wind Wings" published by the Lithuanian Press Photographers & Club. Nedai Malūnavičiūtė performed the songs Akomponiava Feliksas Zakrevskis.

At night, you can feel the colors of the poetry of Liutauras Degese together, the music box and the art galleries of Ramūnas Danisevičius, surrounded by Algirdas Klovė, in the publication "On the wings of the wind" in notes, poetry and photographs, which can be used both as a notebook and as a poetry shelf. A photo window can be found at Vagos bookstores.

"Voras" and "Kandis" are a blues, "Girl-daycare" – reggea (regi), "With love for a beast" – jazz waltz, "Bold" is a lyrical ballad. There are many examples of stylistic mixtures that are difficult to break and leak. The most important thing is to create a climate, to feel singing, to stay, to live pleasure and joy. Music and text characters – Flying Elephant, Voras, White Rabbit, Bold and many others – invite you to color their lives with their voices, express their adventures with their emotions simply by suggesting: take us and sing "- so the publication presents its authors.

Fly on the wings of the wind, and your voices, dreams and thoughts fly.

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