The house of the composer Ramūnas Motiekaitis was burned down: the man who had three children is asking for help


The composer spoke about his Facebook disaster and hopes to rebuild his home on his social network.

"Dear and dear friends, acquaintances, colleagues, you have never approached you in this space, but when I break my heart, I can not find another way out."

Yesterday, my house and my machine burned to the foundation. He also burned a lot of things that made me feel like books, sheet music, hard drives, lecture notes, future book notes and more that accompanied me from childhood.

I came out with slippers and a sweater. I got caught up with my parents, but I'm basically "in passenger clothes and beggar clothes," a salary of less than 600 euros and three minor children. Please forgive me if I will be without wings in the coming months, maybe a year, or maybe I do not fully understand what you are saying, "said Motiekaitis.

The Lithuanian Composers' Union created a separate account to collect support for R. Motiekaitis who was in danger. Whoever wants to contribute to the composer's house can be found here:

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