The fugitive team of a hunter is the first test


The Lithuanian ice hockey team had been bathing in fame for almost half a year. The Lithuanians defeated the Estonian team and won gold medals and an obstacle to a higher group at the crucial international ice hockey championship I in the Žalgiris arena in Kaunas.

November 8-11 Lithuania's ice hockey players will test their forces in the "Baltic Challenge" Cup. This will be the team's first test renewed.

Golden triumph

This year, April 22-28 In Lithuania, the Lithuanian national team won not only Estonia, but also Japan, Ukraine, Romania and Croatia in the Ice Hockey World Championship I Division B. Even before the championship, the reputation of team of our country was called the "Dream Team" – and effectively confirmed the best name of all time hockey teams in Lithuania. German ice hockey players Dainius Zubrus, 39, and Darius Kasparaitis, 45, played for the first time on German coach Bernd Haake's team.

Legendary ice hockey players have demonstrated their dominance in the World Championship in more than 2,000 races in the National Hockey League of North America. Having made 6 successive performances, Zubrus became the best assistant in the tournament, and D. Kasparaitis, who scored with two presentations, safely cemented the team's defense. The veterans also helped their younger colleagues – Arnoldas Bosas, Povilas Verenis, Daniel Bogdziulis, Tadas Kumeliauskas, Gintautas Paulius, defending defensively Mantas Armalis, defenders Mindaugas Kieras, Nerijus Ališauskas, Rolandas Aliukonis and others. Through common efforts, the Lithuanians were defeated by gold medals and grew to the second best World Championship.

New challenges

The World Championship of Hockey in the Championship I Division A Group will happen next 29 of April. – May 4 In Kazakhstan Lithuanian rivals will be Belarusians, South Korean ice hockey players, Hungarians, Slovaks and receptionists from Kazakh elite division. For the last time, the chance to pack up to the top 16 hockey players in the Lithuanian hockey team was in 2006. The Lithuanian national team in Tallinn lost ground to Austria in the first division qualifying and second in the group. This failure for the Lithuanians blocked the way to the priorities of the elite planet.

November 8-11 The "Baltic Challenge" tournament, which will take place at the "Pramogos" Arena in Vilnius, will be the first serious test of the Lithuanian ice hockey team. It is true that it is now clear that the new page of history has changed dramatically. After the gold world championship with Lithuania's selection, D. Zubrus and D.Kasparaitis regretted, as well as the team's longtime members – M.Kieras and R.Aliukonis. The last ice hockey players have been an integral part of Lithuania's national team for several decades. R. Aliukonis participated in the 17th World Championship, and M. Kieras conquered a general equivalent of this sport without going through 20 consecutive planetary priorities. After the triumph in Kaunas, both decided to put a point to play in the team, so the chain of defense will be greatly altered.

Changes will be on the attack line. T.Kumeliauskas, whose club during the tournament will play in the highest league in Russia, will not be able to help in the tournament. Arturas Laukaitis and Arturas Rulevičius, who compete in the SPHL league, will not come from the US. The tournament will be played by D.Bogdziulis, who plays in Germany and D.Kumeliauskas did not recover from injuries.

Roller Coaster Headquarters

After participating in the World Championship in Kaunas, Dzubrus, who was on the wings in July of this year, took control of the Hockey Lietuva. Speaking about the prospects of the team, the new head of the ice hockey team said essential changes were needed. "There will be many changes in the team to mark the beginning of the new era of ice hockey, so we decided that we needed a new expert in ice hockey bringing new ideas and ideas," explained Zubrus why the contract with the Germans trained in Lithuania did not was extended 72 years ago. -You B.Haake.

In September, it was discovered that the Canadian Daniel Lacroix, 49, will lead the Lithuanian ice hockey fight for access to the elite division. The new coach of the Lithuanian team has trained and fought for the fight against the NHL, with Zubrum playing for several years in the Philadelphia Flyers team for several years. Since 2002 D. LaCroix has trained several hockey teams in the United States and Canada, worked 11 seasons in various NHL clubs and spent the last four years as Assistant Coach for the Montreal Canadiens team.

The Baltic Cup Challenge will be the first to inform the new strategist and the Lithuanian ice hockey team. D.Lacroix will be supported by four assistants in this tournament. American Ty Newberry and Canadian Mike McNamara, who are already familiar with the Lithuanian ice hockey team, are already familiar with the team that co-opted for Sarunas Kulietis and Arūnas Aleinikovas, who have been working for a year. T.Newberry will serve as a video assistant operator, and the 69-year-old Canadian will help the best coach as a principal assistant in this tournament.

New format

2017 The launch of the Baltic Challenge Cup this year comes back with a different face: last year the tournament was held in three stages in all the Baltic countries, and this year the winner of the tournament will be explained in a four-day tournament in Lithuania . This year, in both teams, six teams will be croaking and the tournament will be crocheted on the final day by the two team teams for the final and winning titles.

Not worth the wait for easy hikes for the hosts. In addition, the Lithuanian team will play in a group with strong rivals – Japan and Belarus. The Japanese team has just arrived in Lithuania throughout the history of the Lithuanian national team to prove that this year's failure in Kaunas was only a coincidence. Interesting must be the Lithuanian actor with the team from Belarus. Although the Belarussians are only becoming the center of the league championship, the Lithuanians will start the Division I Championship of the Division in Kazakhstan in April next year.

Estonia, ambitious Latvians and the fast-growing Romanian national team will face the biggest surprise of the world championship in Kaunas in the other group. With a team from this group, Lithuanians and other A-team teams will face the final day of the tournament when the 2018 Turkish Baltic Challenge Cup champion discovers.

The Calendar of the "Baltic" Cup Tournament:

8 November 15,30 B Latvia – Estonia

November 8 19.00 Lithuania – Japan

9 November 15,30 B Estonia – Romania

9 November 19.00 Belarus – Japan

10 November 15,30 B Romania – Latvia

10 November 19.00 Lithuania – Belarus

November 11 At 12:00 h Correspondence to 5th place

November 11 15,30 Correspondence for the 3rd place

November 11 19.00 Correspondence to 1st place (finals)


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