The electric car revolution is coming: Mercedes-Benz will only produce electric and hybrid cars


Mercedes-Benz, a German luxury carmaker, said on Monday it would stop selling traditional combustion engines until 2039.

"We will strive to create a carbon footprint for the next 20 years without leaving a new fleet of cars," said Ola Kalenius, current research manager at Mercedes, who will take over the chairmanship of the Daimler Group next week and replace Dieter Zetsche in this post . Dyer Ceče).

Mercedes will replace all models in electric or hybrid for two decades, the company spokesman said, adding that there are several ways to achieve this.

"Currently, our focus is on the mobility of electric batteries. However, there is room and need for the development of other solutions, such as those related to fuel cells or fuel from renewable non-fossil fuels, "said Kallenius.

"Today, no one knows which transmissions will best meet the needs of our customers in 20 years."

"That's why we encourage policymakers to pave the way for technological neutrality – let's set a goal, but not how to achieve it."

According to Daimler, synthetic fuels produced from renewable energy must drive Hindi cars without depleting carbon dioxide, but they are not yet on the market.

Daimler intends to reach 50 percent by 2030 its sales would consist of electric vehicles and promised, until 2022, that its factories would not leave a carbon footprint, Kaellenius added.

In Europe, tougher emissions regulations will take effect in 2020, with huge fines for violations, so that German car makers are determined to switch to electricity.

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