The chair created by Lithuanian stylists opens the freedom to remember


The phrase "Sit down and relax". do not forget"In childhood, you probably had to listen to everyone. Inspired by her, Aurimas Lažinskas, together with her colleagues Vita Marcus, Saulium Šeštavick and Vilium Kiškis, created a chair called "Remember". This piece of furniture not only adjusts posture, but also allows you to move freely for those who find it difficult to sit. However, the creative process was not easy – the search and error phase lasted about three years.

Recently, there has been worldwide concern about seat lesions. Incorrect seats are called new smoking. We sit every day and many: we work, read, eat, watch movies. A. Lažinskas tells us that the idea of ​​creating such a chair came from reading a scary article about how rigid seats shorten life. He admits that he is one of those people who are moving even when they are sitting upright, for example, triceps feet. "I liked the idea that the chair controls his nervous movements," the designer said of the idea of ​​creating such furniture.

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Of word remember if the name of the chair, "Remember," also came. A. Lažinskas says he wants to rehabilitate this word because it still has a negative meaning today. The name is easily remembered by those who do not understand Lithuanian. For example, in Finland, everyone in the exhibition thought it was a local brand, because in Finnish, a word that reminds us to remember, and the chair on which to swing, also brings good memories because it is associated with a rocking horse of wood.

When choosing the name, the creators also had other options, such as Fusu or Kedule, but "Muista" was easier.

The path of mistakes and stumbling

The idea of ​​the birth chair was also discussed with the professionals by the developers. They introduced the first prototypes for physiotherapists and occupational therapists. In the plans, there is also a medical study that proves to buyers that the furniture purchased will be beneficial to health.

Both designers agree that many errors and attempts have been made to achieve the goal because there are no professional designers. Before that, A. Lažinskas made books, V. Markelis has a training in packaging engineer. By the way, the latest skills were helpful in creating a chair – a special package for her.

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The first "Muista" chair was created three years ago from a folded card. After testing this material, the developers realized that it was a bit too narrow. In addition, cardboard serves very little time. Markel assures that normally cardboard furniture that is properly maintained can serve for about five years, but people still have a question: what will happen if they are taken into the yard? "I said to them," What if you bring a bed of wood in the field? According to him, the tree still seems to be a much more reliable material for people.

Developers say about a year they figured out how to make a cardboard chair. After long tests, they realized that this material was not appropriate. One of the first variants of Muist was filled with buckwheat shells. It was an ecological choice, but not very practical: filling was often changed and the session was not very convenient. That's why the developers decided to make a seat made of polyurethane. She also likes those people who try the chair. In the future, however, designers are also looking for greener materials.

All Muista chairs have a three-year warranty, but no claims have been received in half a year. As long as the chair is not produced in large quantities, part of the work is done by the creators themselves. In their workshops, the products are sanded, lubricated and assembled.

Bold to dream

In the minds of creators, there is still a clever idea of ​​looking for other materials for the production of the chair. "We would like to use some sustainable material. Interesting biocomposites, cannabis, flax, nettle fibers are all kinds of variants, "says A. Lažinskas. According to him, the tree is a great material, but I would like to choose one that is obtained after a year's harvest and reflects sustainable ideas.

At the IMM exhibition in Cologne in January, designers have already introduced not only the standard "Remember" size chair, but also a new, tighter table with adjustable height. "My son really likes to sit in a big chair. We said recently that we need a desktop, so it says, "Do me loud." The children immediately see the meaning of this chair. But I like older people to see that, "says Lažinskas. The designer remembers that the older people who visited their booths at the exhibitions tried the furniture enthusiastically and succeeded. "Many older people have back problems, so do it as an exercise for them," smiles A. Lažinskas.

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It is true that man recognizes that various reactions are heard. There are also people who believe that the chair should be traditional, for example, with a backrest. Lazinskas laughs at the fact that his work is unlikely to reach the programmers: "They love the office chairs they're carrying."

The plans of the creator include not only the search for new materials, but also other objects. According to A. Lažinskas, when you focus only on one object, a little enthusiasm decreases. Markel smiles to his own dream with another dream – that the Vitros Design Museum exhibits his "Memory." The stubbornness of the chair was not lacking for men. Maybe he does not miss this dream?

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