Tesla's pickup already draws the sun on the gravel, but it was not produced by E. Muskas


Youtube developer Simone Giertz is known for her funny robots, strange machines and various projects. The girl is interested in technology and technology. Once she promised that she would never drive a gasoline car, but that promise is hard to bear. Their designs require a variety of materials to be brought back to the workshop in some way.

And here's the Tesla pickup truck. Elonas Muskas promises to be on the market soon, but first we will receive the delivery and only a year or two will be available for purchase. Giertz, of course, will not. She bought the Tesla Model 3 and made her pickup with her friends. And then he filmed an ad for him.

VIDEO: TRUCKLA: The world's first Tesla pickup truck

The ad was, by the way, filmed professionally – with a serious company. The Tesla Model 3 pickup is still not complete – many small jobs remain. The cab is not leak-proof, it is necessary to complete the electrical installation and elevate the chassis. But this is already a car.

Making a collection from a simple cabin is not so easy. The roof of the body is a structural element. Without that, many cars double as yesterday's pizza. The car with a strong structure (an old SUV) or even an old Renault Espace, whose body is not a structural element, would be the best. The Tesla Model 3 is also not a bad choice because the platform of this car is essentially steel, but it requires a lot of work.

It was necessary to disassemble the cabin, discover the subtleties of the structure, support the car and cut unnecessary parts. This is hard and responsible work, and many people have contributed to the emergence of Truckla. The loss of structural rigidity and strength was offset by an additional frame in a new pickup chair. The cargo compartment floor is removed from the Ford and the cab end is removed from the GMC.

It will be interesting to see how the Truckla will be after a few months. For some people, this will be a stupid idea, but car enthusiasts stare at it with some jealousy. Many people want a unique car, but these drastic changes require courage and money. And good teams.



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