Telia Lithuania dispenses hundreds of employees


"To work more efficiently and create a more flexible service structure, Telia is planning a business transfer – reducing the number of employees at Telia Lithuania and increasing the number of new jobs at the Telia Global Services Lithuania service center in Vilnius.

The changes will also strengthen Telia's ongoing process of digitizing processes and transferring some resources to third parties, "the company said in a statement.

The number of people working for Telia Lithuania is expected to decline by 285, while the Telia Global Services service center team in Lithuania is expected to increase to 500 by the end of this year.

As already mentioned, the implementation of structural changes for part of Telia Lietuva's employees will be mainly offered through internal career opportunities such as jobs in Vilnius and the rapidly expanding service center. If necessary, the company will help employees to recycle – internal career days will be prepared, programs already in use will be used, for example Telia IT Academy, in a press release.

In cases where internal career opportunities are not available to employees according to their competencies or the proposed new positions will not satisfy them, their employment contracts will be terminated.

The officials with whom the employment contracts will be terminated will receive not only all the benefits provided by Lithuanian law, but also additional supplements depending on their performance appraisal. In order to facilitate their integration into the labor market, a number of consultations will be offered as necessary.

"People want quality services, convenient service and good prices from us. Therefore, as the largest telecommunications company in Lithuania, we need to be leaders in technology and business management – both in the market and in the Telia Group.

In the near future, we plan to focus and invest in improving customer service systems and digitizing internal processes. As a result, we fundamentally review the responsibilities of employees and their work tasks. This is necessary to create a more flexible, simpler and smoother business structure that will gain more weight and weight throughout the Telia Group, "says Dan Strömberg, director of Telia Lietuva.

In addition, according to Mr Strömberg, a good basis for simplifying the internal structure of Telia Lithuania and working more efficiently with a smaller number of employees was the investment of several tens of millions of euros in processing and digitization of companies after merger of Teo and Omnitel.

According to Sodra data, on April 3, 1923 employees worked at the company, the average salary in February 2019 was 2071.80 euros before taxes.

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