Stan – sensitive colleagues who have suffered from an unhealthy cancer disease


I'm waiting for the devil to know what, and the most terrible thing – I can no longer see how they grow. That feeling, when you realize that the glass has fallen out of control and falls, but can only watch, is not caught anymore.
I did not say anything to anyone. I decided to wait until the exact diagnosis and outlook is clear. I watched a smiling wife and it was terribly regrettable that everything would change in the near future.

A few days later, the studies began, the oncologists and so on. I have to know that my blood cancer is lymphoma. I told the housewives and the chemotherapy started soon. I have assigned six intensive courses every two weeks. Every time I went to the hospital, I could not believe what was happening to me, I felt like a Breaking Bad hero. And while the most terrible part of chemotherapy was the name itself – "radical treatment," I did not want anyone to try it. After the first course, her hair began to scream.

I called my friend a hairdresser, he's been taking care of me for fifteen years and told me that I need a hairstyle for baldness.

Then I realized that it was easier to hear such a diagnosis than to tell others. He screwed me, and I saw a great pain in sight. When I saw myself in the mirror at night, I felt sorry for myself – it looked very bad.

From the chemistry of my face, I swallowed, swollen, naked and without a beard I had never seen. As a result, my colleague Zvonkus came to the aid of "solidarity" for solidarity, as I did.
Now there were two "urodes."

At the same time, joy and good humor tried to keep chemotherapy to the end. After the hypodermic effect, the body that was injected for a few months in a row was already recovering after the usual "dose."

There were days when I did not leave the house, but I tried to work every day. And it's over. Only one question remains – did you help?

After a month and a half of waiting, I found a positive response. No more illness. Unfortunately, this does not mean that in the next few years there is a good chance that the disease will return or remove the trolleybus.
And now, the most important thing is serious.

I thought for a long time whether it was necessary to say this publicly. I doubted people would not see me like they used to, and that's why the worst is. That's why I'm talking.

Diagnosis of cancer seems like a death sentence for most. I thought so anyway. During the first two weeks I was in hell, in deeper depression and over time, I lost more weight than during the entire treatment. Feeling confused – despair and shame, and the desire to hide from the whole world.
But the fear, that feeling that I knew deeply, I saw in my soul, I saw in the eyes of my relatives, in the corridors of the clinics of Santara. Today, many people will hear a diagnosis – cancer and their familiarity with fear begins.

I want to hug everyone and say – do not be afraid, an unexpected test hit us, but do not be afraid, it's just an illness, it's different than it was 20 years ago. It really heals. You are not alone. Do not be afraid, experts in this area are extremely professional and sensitive in Lithuania. In the case of blood cancer, most patients are cured.

I am cancer, but I will heal 🙂

Performer Vilija PilibaitytÄ—-Mia, like many other famous people, did not hide that Stan's appearance caused suspicion. Mia says that she herself wanted to ask him about her state of health, but she did not dare to do so.

"I was waiting for this post, because I did not know how to ask you, not to offend, do not hurt, do not carry any more questions or answers … thank you! we will make more than a success with you and promise that I will come back to you in the recording studio.Let's wait, brother, we are with you. you! "- Stan wrote a supportive commentary by Mia.

Vilija Pilibaityte-Mia

Vilija Pilibaityte-Mia

Composer Liveta KazlauskienÄ— surprised and thanked Stan for her openness and encouraged her to think and value each of them in her life.

"I admire you, Stasiuk, as you are a wise young man! Thank you for sharing your situation. It is just that for all those who are thinking and for those who spend time struggling with their loved ones for foolish and insignificant ambition. , Stasiuk, you are a nice and talented person ", – the artist is supported by L. KazlauskienÄ—.

Liveta Kazlauskiene

Liveta Kazlauskiene

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"Stan, I admire your strength, which is the source of inspiration for all of us! I am happy that you understood! It is not a shame! BilotaitÄ—, a member of Seimas, wrote to Stan's Facebook social network.

AgnÄ— BilotaitÄ—

AgnÄ— BilotaitÄ—

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