Shows which hairstyles and paintings will be popular in the near future


Brilliant changes for one night

In the colors of feminine dyeing, there is a lot of pastel and monochromatic peace with surreal flavors. This year, the pink color of blondes, soft coral and bleached warm caramel do not shrink. They are painted with various shades nearby, producing a striking, rich and shiny hair effect. Ephemeral, transparent and light dyeing is often designed to give it more charm over time.

And here is a sparkling and sparkling lemon purple as if the skeins of the impressionists painted, are the most extravagant and attractive paintings done by the masters in the hair.

"Initially, these yarns are prepared, painted in the desired colors, then glued to natural hair and serve until the first head wash: organically, they can be coiled, wrinkled, wrinkled, as well as natural hair.Unlike natural hair, you are not committed to brilliant changes and can simply take them out the next day.

This trend for hair strands and other hair accessories is particularly pronounced this season and offers a great opportunity to quickly change your image without cost and without hair loss, "says hairdresser Andrius Mašauskas.

Comfortable and pragmatic fashion

Based on seasonal guidelines and sharing what is most relevant to today's hair style, creative team members focused on the applicability of fashion to a particular person.

Male and female haircuts are dominated by comfort: the same haircut can be easily transformed from a modest office style into a more extravagant night.

According to hair guru Anatoly Pajanok, haircuts for thinner or slippery hair owners, duly selected, will provide visual frightening, seem sloppy and will be easy to maintain and repair.

The more detailed features of the girls' hairstyle opening emphasize the graceful lines while leaving longer areas to comb one over another, stapling or tearing one of the cut combinations and different emotions can be drawn from a cut. Plenty of room for transformation and fantasy.

Freedom and non-tension: this season, hairdressers recommend this hair style for curly hair owners and offer soft and expressive haircuts that emphasize hair structure.

"Well cut and curly hair is not the easiest job for a hairdresser, so it is very important to choose the right proportions and lengths – all the nuances that are not visible to the naked eye, but make the lives of curly customers much easier and help get great every day without much effort, "says A. Mašauskas. .

Male emotion: from strict clarity to unbridled freedom

Male haircuts this season do not lack sharp edges, broken lines and dynamic colored details, while curly hair cuts into a square male shape, but the curls themselves give movement, life and freedom – thus creating a rampant and rebellious male emotion.

"We apply side patches on a variety of models: when you want to be shiny and visible, your hair is combed so that a colorful ball of contrasting colors emphasizes all the dynamics of the hairstyle. It is universal, practical and annoying, "says Pajanok, a hairdresser.

The developers emphasize that one of the most important rules that determine the end result is the ability of each master not to stretch the customer to fashion, but to adapt new trends to a specific person and create a style that is not only showy on a daily basis, but also comfortable.

Photos: Paul Zaborskis

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