Monday , June 14 2021

Shopping at the supermarket will require new skills: a great innovation is expected

Berta Čaikauskaitė, Head of Communication for the IKI Network, said that Elta, as a proponent of the first self-service carton, said such a shopping model in Lithuania soon became available. According to her, many people do not imagine that other self-service cash registers consume about 40%. buyers of shopping networks.

"Primarily it's rushing and saving time for younger and older people who have up to 5 different items in their shopping carts," she said.

According to B. Čaikauskaitė, the development of self-service cash registers remains one of the main priorities of the trading network.

"Today, IKI stores in Lithuania have 100 IKI Bitutė self-service counters and in the next six months we plan to invest 1.7 million in the self-service cash register network EUR Investments will be focused on improving the permeability of cash registers, more efficient distribution of customer flows and more convenient customer service, as well as the planning of the installation of 50 new self-service cash registers, "said Elita.

As the sales rep said, the new cash registers will have even greater speed and a more modern look, and its functionality will be enhanced by the cash-flow function.

"The essential advantage of this innovation is that both cash and cash acceptance functions are performed simultaneously, and the system is able to automatically recognize counterfeit money," said Mr. Čaikauskaitė.

As previously written by Verslo žinios, the Maxima retailer network will also offer a novelty – self-scanning of goods – at Maxima in Vilnius in early February.

More than 100 of these devices will be installed here. Later this technology will be available in other stores.

Using this equipment, the buyer has the opportunity to pick up a special mobile device, get into the shopping cart and scan the price of the device with the device and pay to the cashier. The buyer will no longer need to unload the goods on the crate or check scales. The buyer is identified by scanning the thank you card.

Meanwhile, Rimi Baltic's biggest innovation development vision in the near future, as Elto was entrusted by Gustav Fernstrom, Director of Marketing and Business Development of the retail chain, is launching Rimi's e-commerce. According to Rimi Baltic's representative, other digital solutions are also being discussed and will be informed as soon as they are ready to provide new services to customers.

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