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Shocked drivers: dozens of cars damaged by false fuel leak

Egidijus Sakalis, who lives in Kėdainiai district, was also struck by unclear fuel. A diesel man on his available tractor said he had ruined his main tool to keep the family.

"I win a family. I do it myself, my neighbors have groceries. Now it's all over, "he said.

E. Sakalis told the tractor that he was working on the land, and when he got off the fuel, he went to the gas station. However, after returning and getting dirty, the man did not start the tractor anymore.

The white smoke has spread and everything is gone.I do not create, I do not.We shove the neighbor into the yard, I say, I'm going to watch the gas station because something is not.I came here, and the operator said that you is not here for the first time since Friday here, and I say what you did not say that the fuel here is bad, like water, "he said.

E. The root is not the only victim. One of the inhabitants of Krekenava also spilled this fuel. She still had a car back home, but it was not the car anymore.

Shocked drivers: dozens of cars damaged by false fuel leak

"In the morning we decided to turn off the fuel supply pipes with the neighbor and he said the water was running out. Then we pulled the car to the owner, then we went to the gas station, we asked for the owner's number, but the operator did not give, "Ingrida Baranauskienė, a resident of Panevėžys district, told the victim.

Finally, it was also evident that the residents avoided the aforementioned gas stations.

"I heard you're selling shit there and buying it. I know the lawn mowers did not work," one resident said.

"Languages, languages, but nobody verified, nothing happened and, when the machines are no longer in operation, has already begun," said the other.

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Robertas Varanauskas, one of Krekenava's automotive service managers, explained that the water in the car's fuel system was mixed with unclean liquid in the tank.

"There was a police officer coming in, taking samples from each machine," he said.

Police began an investigation into the incident. It is believed that there are 13 cars that were damaged at this time.

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