Sergey Masloboyev married the beloved second baby


In the Civil Registry Division of Vilnius, the couple legitimized their union after years of friendship.

The most titled Lithuanian fighter, several European and world champions of kickboxing and MMA drove tears during a sensitive ceremony.

Sergie and the Irishman created Ramir, who also attended the ceremony. He kept the rings of his parents.

70 guests attended the coup. Mer┼źnas Vitulskis and his wife Erika also came to greet them.

The couple said they would soon join another member. A woman uses life with her heart and in May, she will discover the sex of her future baby. The couple believes they initially thought it would be a girl, but now they are in doubt. In any case, it will be a gift to them.

The baby should see the world in September.

Casar decided to improvise

The couple's friendship lasts seven years and is only stronger each year. The couple does not stop surprising each other. This marriage decision was also made unexpectedly.

"Today we formally officiate the wedding, taking photos and making snacks. The celebration will be simple. A year later, when the second baby is born, we will celebrate a greater celebration of tradition. So we're going on a wedding trip."- the man opened.

"Our life is going astray. Two weeks ago we thought we wanted to get married. We feel and do. This is what happened this time."- Ireland agreed.

It is true that the celebration was not curious. However, Sergie thinks they are just for the benefit.

"On the last day, the child barely got sick with the temperature.That's a bit out of the crawfish.Well, the pantyhose rips my"The woman said.

"In addition, the child scratched his nose so that his shirt was all bloody, so the grandmother ran to wash the shirt.And then we washed because it would be a child with a bloody T-shirt

But I know that even when there are some magic situations before we get to the race, no one passes – it means that everything will be fine. This is like a good signSirie assured her.

Already 7 years old

Sergay and Irish have been known for 14 years and have been alive for 7 years.

"We are 14 years old and we are 7 years old. Earlier in a yard we mopped. We were in a joint ventureThe man said.

The man says he remembers very well the first date of the two. He believes he already knew that Ireland would be his wife. And on the first date he asked if she would not give birth to her son. At first, the woman had a disorder, but the response was positive.

"On the first date, Sirius asked me if I would give him a child, and I said so. When he asked me, I realized that he was my husband and I was married that minute.She said.

The sergeant admitted that he did not hesitate to take his beloved to the altar for a long time because of the experiences of family members. When people got together well, but the close relationship was broken. But he managed to overcome this fear.

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