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Samsung Galaxy S10e vs. the iPhone XR: Which is better?

Many may have noticed that the cheaper model of the Samsung Galaxy S10 was the target of the iPhone XR model. Although these smartphones have many differences, their idea of ​​strategy and price are very similar. mobile phone experts compared these two models.

What is the Samsung Galaxy S10e better than the iPhone XR?

1. Screen

The iPhone has a very good LCD screen, but it is not the same as the OLED solution, which is equipped with topical iPhone XS models. It is worth noting that Samsung also did not save in this place and provided the Galaxy S10e with the same screen as the flagship. The difference lies only in the resolution of the screen. The Galaxy S10e has a full HD screen instead of a Quad HD, but in any case is superior to a competitor.

2. Double Camera

Apple has decided to use a 12-megapixel wide-angle camera in its iPhone XR model rather than a two-sided iPhone XS model. Samsung also provided the S10e with a poorer camera compared to the S10 and S10 +, but the S10e has a dual camera, unlike the iPhone XR.

3. Charging function of another phone

The PowerShare wireless feature allows you to charge another device with the Samsung Galaxy S10 series phone. It can be a headset or even the same iPhone XR that does not have this feature.

4. Increased storage

Fortunately, Apple does not offer smartphones with 16GB of memory. The smallest capacity of the iPhone XR is 64 GB, while the Galaxy S10e offers double, i. 128 GB and expandable memory thanks to the SD card.

What is the superior XR iPhone to the Samsung Galaxy S10e?

1. Unlock the device

On the Galaxy S10e, we will not find an ultrasonic fingerprint reader, just a reader integrated with the power button. The iPhone XR offers facial identification to unlock the phone, for example in exactly the same way as the XS model. This way to unlock your phone is much more comfortable and secure than Samsung offers.

2. Design

The debut of the iPhone XR has caused a huge wave of criticism, especially due to the thickness of the pictures. However, the Galaxy S10e has a very thick side frame and not just a "hole" on the screen, and Samsung fans are still mocked by the iPhone's screen clipping. However, the perception of design aesthetics remains a matter of taste.

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