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Business Insider statistics show that people change their smartphone to a new one every two years. Even today, choosing a new smart assistant is not easy. The range of phones offered by the manufacturers is extremely wide, and each model usually has its own distinct features. For this reason, technology experts recommend that the choice not only focus on the features of the devices themselves when choosing a phone. To not succumb to the abundance of supply, there are some simple questions that can be asked by all buyers entering the salon.

Options for which you will pay more

"Bitės Profas" Karolis Špiliauskas notes that when choosing a new smartphone, it is important to know which device functions are most important to you. You may want your smartphone to leave the camera suitable for games, movies, and email. reading books, car navigation or work? When answering these questions, it is clear which specific specifications should be searched for on the smartphone.

"Depending on the day-to-day, customers focus on the various features of the phone, for example, spending a lot of time driving or trying to get more involved with social networking points to the size and brightness of the screen. the days on the phone also focus on phone speed, high memory or productivity solutions introduced by the manufacturer, such as the ability to use two windows at the same time, "says Špiliauskas.

According to one expert, the specific features that buyers are looking for on their phones can distinguish the two most important for every smartphone owner.

"It is important to note that buyers who buy the new phone often pay close attention to the camera phone and battery life, and while both issues are really current, we are advised to decide how much money will be spent on the new phone and then look at what deals are in that price category, "he emphasized.

According to K. Špiliauskas, knowing the prices, it is much easier to compare the functions of phones with similar prices and to decide which ones are more important and necessary.

Battery: You depend on it?

Many people today do not imagine their work or leisure without the phone, and when the battery of the device is discharged, it can break all the plans of the day. As frequent phone charging limits human freedom, a battery can become a lifesaver.

According to Yanfei, head of the Huawei Baltic Consumer Group, when choosing a new phone, you must first consider how often you need to charge the device, which is determined by the battery capacity. It is measured in milliampervals (mAh) and the more they are, the more energy the battery has.

"Normally, the phones have a battery of 3000 to 3500 mAh, but for the needs of today's people it is already very small, so looking for a new phone should look for these devices with a battery capacity of 4000 mAh or more. , the new Mate 20 Pro comes with a 4200 mAh battery which guarantees the vibration of the phone without charging for more than one day, "said Yanfei.

The company representative also draws attention to the models that support the fast loading function. This saves time and provides the device with high power in just a few minutes.

Exceptional Camera Features

For those who like to capture every moment of their lives, the essential attribute undoubtedly becomes the camera phone. In the past, the key to our camera knowledge was the number of megapixels. However, leading phone manufacturers have realized that the quality of a good image is determined not only by resolution but also by sensitivity to light and aperture.

Therefore, Yanfei proposes to focus on phones with larger sensors and smaller apertures, as it ensures brighter and more detailed photos.

In addition, contemporary smart cameras today can offer assistance in getting professional shots, even for less experienced photographers. It is supported by artificial intelligence, which is able to automatically select the most ideal settings for photos, even in low light conditions.

"If you are not an experienced photographer, it would be very difficult to capture high-quality photos without additional knowledge, so everything can be delivered to the hands of artificial intelligence, whose possibilities today are extremely broad, "says Yanfei.

In addition, refined cameras today already offer what can be found only in professional photography equipment such as ultra wide-angle lenses or capturing objects in just a few centimeters.

Not only the image but also the power

Choosing a new phone in your eyes will definitely drop the screen size. Lovers who play games, watch YouTube or movies should focus on phones with larger screen sizes.

If there is no need for a large image on the screen, experts suggest choosing an ideal variation ranging from 6 to 6.5 inches. It will suffice to browse the Web, view photos or occasionally watch video clips.

However, for the device to work optimally, screen or camera capabilities are not enough. All these and other components are supported by the phone's processor. Compared to older cell phones, the current models are subject to loads several times larger and therefore need to be high power.

This can only be guaranteed by a powerful chip device with multiple processors and a greater number of kernels. Emblematic engineers are already starting to use breakthrough chips, such as the Kirin 980, using 7nm technology, which is far more powerful and efficient than its predecessors.

These powerful chips ensure smooth and consistent device operation, even at high workload loads.


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