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The support of the most famous people can be seen in the appointments of Ingrida Šimonytė and Gitanas Nausėda. Its official pages on social networks Facebook and Instagram are blinking with the stars, with the support of the candidates and why.

Among the audience supporters of Ingrida Šimonyte – comedian Paulius Ambrazevičius, actors Aidas Giniotis, Beata Tiškevič and Elžbieta Latėnaitė, traveler Martynas Starkus, television programs Indrė Stonkuvienė, Nomeda Marčėnaitė and Beata Nicholson, artists Saulius Urbonavicius-Sam, Vaidas Baumila, Erica Jennings , Vaida Baumila, Erica Jennings Valiukevicius and Ruslan Kirilkin.

To support Gitan Nausee in the elections, communication expert Saugirdas Vaitulionis, radio broadcaster Jonas Nainys, model Simona Starkutė, TV producer and producer Vaida Skaisgirė, psychologist Andrius Kaluginas, businesswoman Ilja Laurs, artist Egidijus Dragūnas and the Lithuanian actress from Hollywood Ruta Lee spoke.

The election campaign on Saulius Skvernel uses a slightly different form. Although his pages on social networks do not lose pictures of celebrities, publicly published in an article on demand – interview with master Gintaras Rinkevičius: maestro expressed support for this candidate.

People known to the remaining candidates did not express such active support.

Vaida Skaisgir 15 min said that it was common for her to talk about political issues in public space. It is true that in the presidential election she publicly expressed such public support for the first time.

Picture from Skaisgirė

Picture from Skaisgirė

"I see this simply as a form of expression of my will and opinion. Social networks are dedicated to expressing their opinion on one or another issue, and I am of those people who like to express positive thoughts and support, rather than some criticism or negative comments, "said S. Skggirė.

According to Vaida, she has already said she supports G.Nausė and that the proposal to contribute to the election campaign is natural.

"People are in constant contact with each other or with other issues, and the issue of support is relevant – this is a matter of work or a cup of coffee, which is important for the party. conversations with some members of the team about support that I have already expressed without any request. It has changed to the formats you see on social networks, "said Skaisgirė.

Leader of BIX Group Saulius Urbonavičius-SamasLike other interlocutors, he denied that he had somehow contributed to the election campaign, except for a public statement about what the candidate was supporting. The man who supported Ingrid Šimonytė said he only wanted to share his position with others.

Photo of Marius Vizbaro / 15min / Saulius Urbonavičius-Samas

Photo of Marius Vizbaro / 15min / Saulius Urbonavičius-Samas

"It was only one occasion – I was asked if I would support and I decided to support it." I see how the candidates talk about what they are talking about, whether it's just a blank bubble, or whether a person understands where he's going and what he's doing. Just supporting smart people.

I'm not an activist, an agitator who screams to make sure you do it – I expressed my opinion like most people do. If someone has decided, then he can say publicly – everyone is here, "said Urbonavicius-Samas.

Scandalous performer Egidijus Dragūnas just a couple of months ago Artūras Zuoku, who applied for the position of mayor of the city of Vilnius, filmed in several films, but denied that he expressed support for this. Soon after the presidential election, the leader of the SEL group is in favor of Gitan Nausha.

But this time he was laconic and refrained from commenting on the subject. "Just my opinion here. I'm not overloading anyone. " 15 min said E. Dragūnas.

Photo of Vidmantas Balkūnas / 15min / Egidijus Dragūnas - Saddles

Photo of Vidmantas Balkūnas / 15min / Egidijus Dragūnas – Saddles

Artist Ruslan Kirilkin, who recently expressed support for Gitan Nausea, changed his mind a week before the presidential election. Now he is in favor of Ingrida Šimonytė, who was inspired by the television program she saw, in which she was the only one who strongly advocated the same-sex partnership.

"I still like the scourge as politics. However, from the point of view of values, the issue of human rights and the family of homogeneous couples, I now support the position of Mr Šimonytė.

She truly believes in what she speaks, speaks clearly and humanly, and speaks specifically about the gaps in our state. Most importantly, this candidate raises the right questions about human rights and the family model in Lithuania. Anyone, if not the head of state, must defend and defend the interests of all of us, "Kirilkin said.

Artist 15 min he said he expressed his opinion publicly, because being a well-known person encourages him to do so, he feels obliged to speak on a matter of public interest.

"I spoke publicly because I feel a civic duty as a public person. I want to talk about what interests me and what is important. That is why I expressed my opinion as a citizen of the new Head of State and expressed my solidarity with Ingrida Šimonyte.

Looking at the debate over the presidential candidates – which I literally did for the first time – I realized that we could not be indifferent to issues of equality. We can not lose responsibility for others, because tomorrow will not be guilty. The duty of the citizen to be active, give and express his voice, "argued R. Kirilkinas in public.

Photo of a personal album / Slate Kirilkina

Photo of a personal album / Slate Kirilkina

Public Relations Specialist Arias Katausko It is important to distinguish between two things when it comes to the election campaign and the personalities involved. It should be evaluated where the support is sincere and where – just for publicity.

"One thing when we see, of course, orderly variants are people familiar with advertising material, but the other thing is when we see well-known people expressing support in plain language, and this is not branded as political propaganda. , sincerity is very important, and we probably recognize it. "15 min commented on by A.Katauskas.

Similarly, the expert also appreciates the form of communication actively used in these elections, when the photos of the candidates who supported them were uploaded into the pages of social networks. A. Katauskas says the words of honest support are more effective than advertising with tight frames.

"We see the same forms used all the time – yes, it's not new, it's often used in other countries in the West. But from the point of view of communication, we can clearly identify where advertising is and where the medium is. everything on the board and start it.There is a much broader spectrum when a person is completely free to speak how he wants to talk.

The stated personal opinion is better – we draw attention to such things that it is not advertising. And so the flu communication should emphasize how much a person believes in what he or she speaks. And that's what lack of will looks like in communication – one thing when you're polite, handsome and embodied in a common way, and another completely different, when it's a sincere speech from a person with a large audience, "A.Katauskas is convinced.

According to A. Katauskas, in the election campaign, with the help of famous people, the headquarters of Ingrida Šimonytė played better. The public relations specialist, therefore, considers that there are no controversial personalities among the public figures who publicly support I. Shimonytė. He also saw more certainty in his election campaign.

"Ingrida Šimonytė's communication was conceived differently. Although there were polite options, we saw that it was trying to make a person's personal opinion appear, and at least I did not find it in the case of controversial people. Everyone in the communication of Gitano Nauska, everything was more beaded, framed, polished, "said A. Katauskas.

Photo of Irmantas Gelūnas / 15min / Arijus Katauskas

Photo of Irmantas Gelūnas / 15min / Arijus Katauskas

And what did G.Nausėda's election campaign give this candidate for public support expressed by the controversial performer Egidijus Dragūnas? Katauskas acknowledges that the decision to include him in the campaign is fun.

"One might think that it is better to agree with some controversial person to support your competitor because sometimes you have doubts. Let's say, on my side, as a voter, I may not recognize myself in the person who supports either candidate.

If you cut communication by showing teachers, science doctors to the stars of the program, it is as symbolic as you being supported by a very broad but very risky as the ambassador of your name to use people who can be judged in a controversial way. Yes, they bring more attention in society, in the media, but at the same time they bring a certain aura, a certain color to the whole image, which may seem unacceptable to some, "- A.Katauskas evaluated the use of the name E.Dragūnas in the election campaign of G.Nausėda.

However, even I. Šimonytė's headquarters, according to A. Katauskas, still has something to learn. The practice of socializing stars in a social network for one or another candidate is relatively new in our country – we can only rely on the foreign experience.

"We're used to social media stars when they advertise creams or whatever. But when we talk about political communication and the fluis a powerful tool, but knowledge of how to use it is still lacking in Lithuania, "he said.

When we talk about political communication and the flu, it is a powerful tool, but the knowledge of how to use it is still lacking in Lithuania.

According to A.Katauskas, the conclusions about the influence of well-known public support on the results of the election may be too soon. This can only be evaluated by some studies.

"You probably need to watch, and what age groups will come to the election, as long as social media has reached people, after all, how many the flu it's really the fluwho could change the opinion.

Of course, for a number of people who are not self-determining, a supportive supporter may be able to form an opinion. But I really think these are things that are more to join the voters, "said Katauskas.

An excellent example is the Roland Paks election campaign, when all the famous people in Lithuania publicly spoke of Valdas Adamkus, but that did not stop Paks from winning.

According to a public relations specialist Michael's PauseThis is a natural part of the election campaign with the help of well-known people – it is also widely used in America and allows the transfer of ideas from candidates to broader sections of society. However, it is not possible to make an unequivocal answer; it is influenced by deciding what to vote for or not, because each case is individual.

"In some election campaigns, well-known people are a very important part of the electoral campaign, and in some they may not have any influence." An excellent example is the election campaign of Rolandas Paksas when all the famous people in Lithuania publicly spoke of Valdas Adamkus , and perhaps only one Alfred Bumblauskas publicly supported Paks, who was his classmate, but that did not stop Paksas from winning.

Such support is an important part of the electoral campaign, unless at certain stages. It is not possible to tell whether effective outdoor advertising can be effective or ineffective, depending on how you use it. In addition, with known people – this is an advantage, but will lead to elections, depends on the individual situation, "15 min commented on by M.Katkus.

Photo of Irmantas Gelūnas / 15min / Michael Katkus

Photo of Irmantas Gelūnas / 15min / Michael Katkus

Katkus emphasized that while there were no social networks in the past, candidates wore different personalities known in other ways, then this is certainly not a new fad. Let's not avoid using this tool in the future.

"Show business has been around since antiquity – well-known people who have some access to society have always been exploited, and the candidates have sought their support intensely because they have the air and confidence of a certain part of society. people known for the debate, would make promotional announcements on the radio where they said they would vote for one or another candidate.

Already since the first presidential election campaign in 1993, when Algirdas Brazauskas and Stasys Lozoraitis competed for the victory, there were many well-known people who supported either candidate. Antanas Šurna, who was supported by Petras Auštrevičius in 2004, came to the debate, "said Katkus.

Show business has been around since antiquity – well-known people who have some access to society have always been exploited

Mr Katts, like Mr Katauskas, concedes that the decision taken by G.Nausėda to use Mr Dragūnas's support was risky. On the other hand, the expert does not think it was deliberate.

"I do not think you will vote for Nausea because it is backed by Dragon, or maybe someone else who is less interested in politics, Dragun's support at least helps draw attention to the candidate, although he is not the only one who can explain how Probably, the Alvorada Election Office weighed on both options and yet chose the support, "said Katkus.

However, the campaign specialist is reluctant to distinguish the world from entertainment. According to him, sometimes the opinion of a simple acquaintance has a much greater influence.

"In these elections, Saul Skvernel is supported by maestro Gintaras Rinkevičius, and the most important support to Nausāda is probably not Dragūnas, but Valdas Adamkus. Ingrida Šimonytė is supported by many political scientists, journalists and other actors of the entertainment world naturally enter the list.

They are the same people as everyone else, and the question is whether the support of a known person will have more influence than the one you know. Facebook screensavers that support Shimonytė or Nausada are now popular, so when you know your neighbor or friend supports one of the candidates, it also has a certain impact, "says Katkus.

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