Power – the second indicator of a sports car


Among Lithuanian riders, the conviction that a sports car should be powerful should be able to reach 100 km / h as fast as possible. However, the journalist panel of the "Lithuanian National Car 2019" did not mention one of the most powerful and fastest cars on the list of candidates for the most sporting model of all time.

The Autoclube Lithuanian Journalist, which organizes the "Lithuanian Car of the Year", is the best-selling model in this year's 33-candidate market. All of them will also fight for nine other special nominations. One of them is the most sporting title given by Auto Bild Lietuva magazine.

The most competitive are not the fastest

None of the 7 cars that can reach 100 km / h are favorites for this title. speed This was one of the first tests that the electorate had to overcome. The works of the Volkswagen AG group were dominated by the same 3-liter V6 diesel engine, reaching 286 hp: Audi A6, Audi A7, Audi Q8 and Volkswagen Touareg and the electric Jaguar i-Pace. .

They all 100 km / h speed was hit in 6 seconds and faster, 3 of these cars – more spacious, larger SUVs. And none of them were at Panevezys Labor Market Training, where journalists and experts searched for the most sporting car that appeared on the Lithuanian market this year and compared the different types of car models.

"The more sporty does not mean it should be the most powerful or the fastest starting point." A powerful engine is fine, but there is still something like a power ratio that allows a car to be better or worse managed. , where the best models appeared.They ride very fast right away, but the more sporty ones need to fit into many more criteria that are more important than power: how precise and good the car is controlled.How well it can do sports tasks , for example to pass the slalom route and how he will be able to talk to the driver, "- Vitoldas Milius, editor of the magazine" Auto Bild Lietuva ", said the main criterion.

Surprised who did not expect anything

Member of the Commission "Lithuanian Year of the Car 2019" also noted that this year's competition for less sporting cars is happening, more for comfort. Last year, two Korean models competed intensely for this title: the Hyundai i30N specially designed for recreational tracks and the powerful Kia Stinger all-wheel drive sedan, which combines sporty driving.

In his words, this year, only a car next to the body has the inscription "Sport", which still means nothing. However, the management features were overwhelmed by the other cars that drivers buy for daily trips.

"We traveled with a wide range of cars, along with our colleagues from the Panevezys Labor Market Training Center on the road, after which I did a survey. the BMW X2 Crossover and the Peugeot 508 were also highly praised for driving performance.These cars were distinguished from the pleasant qualities of the driver If you're wondering which of the candidates I'll be attending this year's "Press Rally", this would be one of those cars.I would not like to race, for example, an SUV four-wheel drive large and heavy. They are tailored for a different ride, "explained Milius.

The results of such elections are usually influenced by fuel or tires – the good ones can give a false impression of the car, while the poor can hinder the very sporty model. However, this is not the case in the "Lithuanian Car of the Year 2019" elections – all models have Winter Continental tires and their tanks are only filled at Neste service stations.

The nominee for the most sporting model will be presented in the final of the competition "Lithuanian cars of 2019" on November 29 and 3 selected candidates will be announced on November 21.


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