Politicians have found a new fighting tool – the barn


Green Party spokesman in the Panevėžys Council, Gema Umbrasienė, has sent a request from the authorities to prevent the forest cut that the villagers not only saw the traces of the reindeer, but also photographed them. Such revelations startled Panevėžys by finding a science doctor at the Center for Nature Research (GTC), who set up a mysterious crown, which he called the politician's claim as simply unprofessional.

Look Like a Quail

Due to the contract for the construction of the Nordic Street section between Pramonė and Smėlynė streets, the town council, which has signed a contract with the local company Panevėžio keliai, is not able to get rid of the mysterious dwarf being pursued. Last week, a letter from Council member Panevėžys, G. Umbrasienė, reached its leaders.

The politician says he has received representatives from the communities of Naturalists and Rosaries, who are concerned about the North Street Corridor extraction works, which will begin this week.

"For the inhabitants, and for me, it is barbaric in the course of the transition of birds (geniuses, meadows, small fetters, litters, small aphids, etc.) that are plentiful in this area", according to a request signed by Umbrasiene.

Although the Environmental Protection Agency did not question the findings of the GTC scientist presented to the Municipality on the fact that there is no dwarf on this route, according to politicians, the inhabitants claim to have seen their footprints and taken photos. G. Umbrasienė In Panevėžys, the work of a scientist in search of a vestige of udder was overwhelmed by doubts.

"It is important to note that in June the conclusion made by the GTC scientist is not reliable, even with his own assessment (at least four observations should be made during the winter) and the Environmental Protection Agency was informed," said the letter .

According to him, owls lead juveniles in April and May, and no bureaucratic deadline is the basis for crossing the forest at that time and depriving peasants and other animals of the opportunity to move to other areas. "I would urge you to stop the planned deaths," said G. Umbrasienė to the Municipality, as well as to the Panevėžys Environmental Protection Council, the State Forest Service, the Environmental Protection Agency and the Forest Protection and Nature Group of the Ministry of the Environment.

D. Gasiūnienė states that the forest will not be crossed to the future street. Only at the planned intersection, the government decreed that the forest trees would turn into urban vegetation.

Rated as unprofessional

This Green Party letter frightened the GTC senior researcher. dr. Linas Balčiauskas. According to him, this is not the first time residents claim to have seen a rabbit, having photographed their presence marks, and promising to present photos as proof.

In the planned development area of ​​North Street, the habitat for this rare animal is inadequate, as we stated in the report – the official document, "he confirmed.

Moreover, the request of the Balciauskas politician was inadequate and unprofessional, destroying the arguments put forward by the official authorities of Mr Umbrasiene.

"I'd like to point out that the application is not professional for several reasons. First, assign me statements that are not in the report (which four observations should be made in the winter and the material in the report is therefore not reliable). Secondly, the presence of rare species in the territory is motivated, but there is no bird like a small rock in Lithuania, while others are not rare; the statement "various species of crabs" should mean that the territory has a parallel serpent. In other areas beyond southern Lithuania, this species has not been detected until now, "commented L. Balčiauskas. According to the scientist, the habitat is not suitable for breeding and housing in the territory destined to the development of Rua do Norte, the promised proof of its existence was not presented, therefore, sees no reason to continue such discussion.

The trees will be replanted elsewhere

Some of the residents of Rosicrub County and Council member say the council is wrong about the slaughter that already begins this week. According to Daiva Gasiunien, head of the Department of Planning and Territorial Architecture, the felled trees planned to be built on the streets do not even belong to the forest mentioned at the request of the politician.

This area had this status in the past, but a year ago, when the forest management scheme was approved by the government resolution, the forest was replaced by the forest at this location.

"It's a small place assigned to North Street and, as a government decision, it no longer has the forest status, there will not be a drastic fall" , said D. Gasiunien, who says that cut trees are intended to compensate trees and shrubs for replanting elsewhere near future North Street, and these new vegetation clusters will be all along the new street, but perhaps their at the intersection with American Street.

"We are enemies of many, especially road designers, because we require you to specify exactly what you are going through and design new greenhouses. In this case, we really hit them, "says the architect.

According to D. Gasiūnienė, the permission of the Municipality is necessary to cross the plantations, but the contractor has not even submitted a request for this. Panevėžys Roads has signed a contract with the municipality only a week ago. "In Panevėžys, there is a distrust of everyone, even of herself. The company, which has implemented serious projects and not just in Lithuania, won the street competition and now we start working without having started working on it. This is simply not all-powerful, "said the municipal architect.

Adjusters did not stop the road

Although the part of the forest was replaced by the vegetation of the city, the municipality, according to the architect, had no right to treat them as they wished.

The construction of North Street in Panevėžys is characterized by a strong resonance, according to D. Gasiūnienė. The project has been reviewed by various institutions in several respects – impact on nature and population – including the National Center for Public Health, County Road Police Service.

The Environmental Protection Agency, in turn, made positive findings for institutions such as the Department of Environmental Protection of the Ministry of Environment and the Division of Panevezys of the Department of Cultural Heritage.

"We live in a state governed by the rule of law and all work must be civilized. The projects are coordinated according to the established procedure and anything that can have consequences is evaluated. Therefore, we will not see the barbaric image and actions, "said D. Gasiūnienė.

Instead of millions – a few hundred thousand

The county's plan is to build the two-lane North Street, linking the industrial and Smelyne streets within three years. That requires 4.5 million. EUR So far the city has about 400,000.

Next year, the Municipality expects to receive more than 1.5 million. and the remainder in 2021. These funds are intended to be received from the State Highway Administration. New Street directs traffic flows directly to Industrial Street, leading to the auto market and the western part of the city, where shopping malls are located.

The Municipality motivates that such traffic scheme would be a salvation for the inhabitants of the currently occupied Smėlynės Street. However, the residents of Panevėžys, who are located next to the future North Street, claim that their living conditions will be greatly impaired if they are established. People are concerned about increased noise, air pollution and safety.

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