Police report Via Baltica closes in Kaunas


It is reported that traffic on the same road in the municipality of Marijampolė, near Sasnava m., Range of traffic to Marijampolė is also closed.

Kaunas.kasvyksta.lt reports that on January 14, the roads of Kaunas and its surroundings became a real challenge – due to the slippery pavement, an accident occurred. The night was crowned by a traffic accident on the A5 road – a heavy vehicle blocked the road in the town of Juragiai.

According to police, this accident closes the traffic range from Kaunas to Marijampolė. However, the drivers were extinguished and stuck in the congestion since the start of the event, which happened 20 hours ago.

Preliminary traffic ban – 1-2 hours.

Good luck continues: on the same road, another section is closed in the municipality of Marijampol, near the town of Sasnava. There will be no traffic lane around Marijampolė.

Officials recommend other routes.

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