Peshiki revealed which Žalgiris players hunted the most


The Catalans broke the hosts in full swing on the island Nemunas in extension 88:85.

The result is not exactly a reflection of the image in the square – Žalgiris left behind all the games behind the rival, only in the end made such an outbreak that could even win if only the last double kick of Brandon Davies had reached the goal. But at the time of renewal, conditions were again dictated by Barcelona.

"Everything we hoped for happened," said S. Pešicius in the match. – The game was very intense, especially in the last 5 minutes. You see that both teams want to win. I think we're controlling everything for 35 minutes – both the attack and the defense. In such an environment, it was more difficult to play against such an ambitious team than us. Žalgiris plays very well this season, shows the character of the fighters, we are happy to beat them. It's even better if we get the promotion – this will positively affect the confidence of the player himself. "

The Serbs were asked if their team deliberately allowed the hosts to try to attack happily from afar. "Zalgiris" scored 22 triplets on Friday, especially this Euroleague season. And hit only 5 times (23%).

"No, we did not plan this," said S. Peshich. – Artūras Milaknis is a great marksman when you wake up in the morning, you have to start thinking about how to cover him immediately. We have prepared the appropriate tactics. However, it is not the greatest weapon of Žalgiris. I respect the Sarunas system (Jasikevičius – Krepš, Edgaras Ulanovas, Paulius Jankunas. We're more likely to focus on those two players. "

The captain of the Catalan club also said he was pleased with the game of former Zalgiris Kevin Pangaso, who started the crash of the season. In the Canadian basket of Canadians, he scored 10 points and made 5 successful transfers.

"You know Kevin better than I. He plays really well, helps the whole team." Having such a basketball player is quieter than any coach because Kevin is very clever.He only had stomach problems in the last few days, he could not train ", – said the expert.

And again, he came back to thinking before the game about how difficult it is for his students to play on two fronts – the Euroleague and the Spanish Championship, which is considered by S. Pešyskaitė much more powerful than Lithuania.

"We flew to Madrid directly from Kaunas (Barcelona will play Estudiantes on Saturday – Krepš But the success of tonight will make it easier for us to prepare, even in such a short time," said S.Pesicius.

The first round at Eurolyga is approaching half, Kaunas residents are still unlucky at home (3 wins / 4 losses). Barcelona (5/2) defeated for the fifth consecutive time, and also interrupted three consecutive defeats with the Zalgiris series.

Zalgiris will play two Euroleague matches next week with Russian clubs next week: he will be at the site of the Moscow Cossacks on Wednesday, accepting Chimki in Moscow.


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