Friday , August 23 2019
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No change to see: another dry and sunny day awaits


After a very cold and clear night, it will be dry, sunny and last April. A few balls of light clouds can appear in areas of the north of the country. Light breeze. Only on the coast is the direction of the wind. By midnight, the northeast wind will change from the northwest wind blowing from the sea. After the first day, thermometers in the northeast of the country will show 15-17 degrees, the southwest – about 18-19 and the shoreline 14-16 degrees.

Vilnius will be sunny all day. It will be mild northeast, east wind. The highest daily temperature ranges from 16 to 17 degrees.

Kauniškius will also be exposed to intense sunlight, the temperature will be slightly higher, up to 18-19 degrees Celsius.

Wednesday night will be a little cloudy, dry. Light east wind, southeast. In Paris, the air cools to 3-8 degrees Celsius, with about 0-3 degrees cold frost on the ground surface. By day, we will see more clouds in the sky, especially in the afternoon, but the chance of rain will continue low. The wind will be smooth, unstable. In the second half of the day, the air will warm up to 15-20 degrees.

On Thursday night the clouds will not rush to spread. The weak south wind will increase. In the morning, it cools to 3-8 degrees Celsius. The southwest wind of the day will regenerate even dense clouds, and in some places it will be short and sparse. Thermometers will show 16-21 degrees of heat in the morning, only 12-14 degrees on the coast.

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