Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's baby name may have been revealed due to an error


The Buckingham Palace website has probably revealed the name of the currently awaited royal baby. Attempting to open the page patch with the names Arthur and James (, returns to the home page, but when you try to do the same with other names, the page is closed.

It is believed that this is the most accurate hint so far about the name and gender of a baby who is about to be born. If that were true, a boy named Arthur or James would probably be born.

Recently, all eyes were directed to this real couple, because Meghan should soon give birth. According to the real sources, you will not have to wait too long, and Markle himself is looking forward to the birth of a baby.

"Of course she's nervous, like every woman who will become a mother for the first time." However, she and Harry are eager to become their parents. She was particularly prepared for childbirth and wants to be as natural as possible. She was greatly supported by her mother, "the source said.

The actual couple is already preparing for the first trip with a newborn baby, who is waiting for them this fall, when they will have to travel to Africa.

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