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Over the past three months, it has been reported that several times more people have been sickened by work than last year, and the situation is rapidly deteriorating. In March alone, five cases of this viral infection were recorded in Klaipėda County.

According to the most recent data from the National Department of Public Health in Klaipėda, measles cases were approved in Klaipėda County this month.

There were five residents of Klaipeda, Kretinga and Skuodas districts (including two children and three adults).

Measles – Acute and easily spread viral infection.

It is estimated that a patient can infect up to 18 people – just play for more than 15 minutes.

A person with measles can infect other people for another 4-5 days before and four days after the outbreak.

According to public health experts, the greatest risk for measles is in infants, vaccinated unvaccinated or in single dose, pregnant women and people with weak immunity.

This infection usually occurs with fever, later with inflammation of the mucous membranes of the eye, rashes and rashes appear from the third to the seventh day of the disease.

Eruptions that are not stinging, begin in the face area, behind the ears, then spread to other parts of the body and remain for 4-7 days.

It is very important to seek medical attention immediately after the illness, which would indicate the necessary examinations and treatments.

Vaccination is considered the most effective measure of measles protection and control.

In Lithuania, children receive a combined vaccine (measles, epidemic mumps and rubella) twice for free (15-16 months and 6-7 years).

The World Health Organization recommends at least 95 percent vaccination to control the academies. members of the company.

Adults who have not been vaccinated, are not tired or do not know if they have immunity can be vaccinated on their own initiative in paid facilities for personal health care.

It is also suggested in laboratories that a study be done to show if a person has immunity to thirst.

The service is paid for.


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