Lithuanian scientists are exploring the stars around which exoplanets may be passing


We can only imagine how scientists find it difficult to find planets running around other stars. They are called exoplanets. If the stars look like small dots in the night sky, the exoplanets are like dust. With the development of ever-larger telescopes and the development of other equipment, the first planets outside the Solar System were discovered about two decades ago.

"There are many stars like the Sun in the Universe, why can not there be planets like the Earth?" This is our goal: to analyze other stars with other planets and to discover how they are, what is different, what made our solar system and in other planetary systems exists – or is, but in a different way from ours, "- VU astronomer dr. Edit StonkutÄ—.

The launch is a non-profit youth initiative in collaboration with the Baltic Institute of Advanced Technology. A & # 39; science soup & # 39; can be enjoyed every Saturday at 11:30. via LRT Plus.


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