Tuesday , October 26 2021

Kim Kardashian, having given her unusual name to her son, made her first photo close by


Puppy Psalm, whose name translates into psalms or hymns in Lithuanian, has fewer illustrious brothers and sisters. Mazylei North already five, boy are three and daughter Chicago one.

The fourth son, Kim and Kanye, was born into the family with the help of a surrogate mother. In this way, the couple also grew up with their daughter Chicago.

The photo of the youngest baby was shared by her mother in her social network. Almost 6 million people have already loved sleeping newborn photography. Internet users.

The name of the West West Psalm is believed to have been inspired by K. West's recent Sunday Masses, which are filled with a myriad of brightest stars every week – Katy Perry, Orlando Bloom, Courtney Love, rapper DMX and much more.

During the event, the songs are glorified by God, and all believers and those receiving special invitations can enter into it.

West's daughter, North, usually sings at Mass.

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