Kėdainiai gardeners were cut by an outdoor bathroom


We received a letter

Market Square received a letter from the gardener of his readers, Elder Budrienė, in which she teaches a situation on Long Street of the Kedainiai Community of Justinava Gardeners.

"A good spring has come. Along with it, he is worried about how to put the living environment to delight his heart and eyes.

I live in Justinava Gardens on Long Street. Most of the residents of this street are beautifully managing the gardens and growing not only trees, but also vegetables and flowers, creating a beautiful garden landscape.

The second year, like this street, was created by young people who not only take care of the garden, but also set up a white bathroom on the road, which not only degrades the environment, but also shows disrespect to neighbors and passing residents.

For this bathroom, the gardeners even contacted the ministry. Disputes reached the highest level. We got in touch with members of the Pollution and Prevention Group of the Ministry of the Environment to reduce pollution, and here the pollution fireplace is just down the street … Help us assess the polluters, "wrote Elder Budrien, outraged with an external bathroom.

Resolve possible

We can not really assess the polluters, but we have brought people in distress to the police who explained that it is really possible to solve this problem. We contacted Algimantas Žvikas, Head of the Agriculture and Environment Division of the Municipality of Kėdainiai District. This explains why everything needs to be treated in a civilized way.

"People should agree on what to build on the parcel of land and what not. Of course, there are laws that require a certain distance from the structure to the limit of the plot. In this case, the distance of three meters must be maintained. In the gardens this is so, says the law.

If people disagree or think that an offense has been committed, they should contact the Municipal Legal and Public Order Section. Professionals would evaluate the situation and make an appropriate decision or direct people to other professionals to help them solve the problem. It is possible to find a solution to the problem, just look for it, apply it and everything will be decided, "assured A. Žvikas.

It will not be fast.

The director also reminded that outdoor bathrooms should not be available, so it's not worth building new ones for the locals. Cities and towns with more than 2,000 inhabitants will have to join centralized wastewater networks. For the poor, access costs will be offset, others will have to be paid. Residents who are not connected to the sewer by 2030 will be warned and fined 70 to 100 euros.

This employee decision will allow residents to manage wastewater in three ways: by unconditionally connecting to centralized networks, using individual treatment facilities or by declaring and certifying permanent outdoor toilet cleaning.


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