Sunday , October 24 2021

Justin Bieber Tom Cruise Challenge: "If You Do not Accept This Fight, You're Scared" | The


He made the proposal like a clear sky in his official Twitter account, and his unexpected challenge cursed and made fans afraid.

"I want to challenge Tom Cruise, which I invite you to meet with me. Toms, if you do not accept this fight – you're scared and you'll live with it, "Bieber said bravely.

In the same album, the singer rushed to ask who would be the next fight between a 25-year-old adored teenager and a 57-year-old actor. For that question, Bieber also noted UFC president Dan White.

Actor T.Cruise has not yet responded to the challenge. It is also unclear why Bieber came up with anything to fight him.

It is true that most Internet users expect the fight to become a reality, but it is already relentless.

Finally, Irish martial arts star Conor McGregor also contributed to the debate by proposing a future fight.

"If Tom Cruise is a real man who can challenge, McGregor Sports and Entertainment will host this showdown." Cruise has the guts to fight like he does in the movies, stay tuned to find out! ", C.CcGregor responded quickly to the challenge.

By the way, just before this record, Justin Bieber had a riddle that he would return to the scene at full speed in the near future: "More music comes.

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