Inga Stumbrienė and other famous mothers visited the children's fashion event


"Six years ago, organizing fashion fairs in Lithuania, I saw close to how many of our creators are growing, how many new talents are emerging and how fashion culture is developing in the country. During this period, interest in children's clothing and accessories increased significantly. Parents began to pay more attention to their children's clothes in an elegant way, "says organizer Meda Vaitiekūnatė.

According to the organizers, World Fashion Week for Children attracts the best designers and brands of the country, since children's fashion is a very important and growing part of the global fashion industry.

"Akropolis of Kaunas focuses on the fashion segment. We publish a magazine that presents the most recent collections, organizes fashion events and aims to focus more on presenting the latest collections to the public. Children's fashion is an integral and very important part of the fashion world. The most famous global brands, the high-speed fashion networks are developing children's lines that are in high demand, "says Brigita Levenauskiene, manager of Kaunas Akropolis.

As the press release says, event guests were able to see the Christening Collection, Didriksons, Minimi and Trepsiukas from Ingrid Inži, Happeak, Equa, Zara Kids, Sportland, Kidzone from Akropolis And other latest collections of spring and summer clothing 2019 children's and accessories.

Inga Stumbrienė, Elvira Minginienė, Rasa Židonytė, Ineta Puzaraitė-Žvagulienė, Jordan Pošktas, Gediminas Juodeika, and Gabriele Grigolaityte-Vashos, were present at the opening of the event.

Students from Kaunas Art Gymnasium who presented a collection of vintage clothing were also present at the event. The little ones could enjoy sweet wool, Sugamor desserts, Volf Engelman soft drinks, creative workshops, concerts and a fashion show with parents.

What are the little Madisti adorned?

Developers unanimously turn this year into ground motifs supplemented by contours of wind, solar, fire, and water. The little maddesses show the connection with nature, authenticity and life.

It is anticipated that wardrobe combinations that are designed not only to walk on the podium, but also to run on park paths, narrow streets of old towns and colors and ornaments, will be announced by accesses.

The children's fashion of this season is characterized by natural floral patterns that mean respect for our planet, optimistic colors (both pastel and bright) and natural materials.

In addition, dinosaurs, cars and mathematical formulas are the details we'll see this season more often in girls than in boys' outfits. The clothing manufacturers also invite you to forget the pink-blue wardrobe and add pastel colors, animal prints, leather sandals or stylish caps to boys' wardrobes.

Headgear will receive the most attention this season. They will not only have practicality but also original stylistic, geometric or colorful solutions. Small fashion lovers will also decorate with a variety of lace, lace and positive caps.

Some styling solutions this year will match adult fashion. The raincoats will be particularly popular, animal patterns will continue to dominate, and silver and gold details will glisten from afar.

The event will take place all weekend on the third floor of Kaunas Akropolis and is free.

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