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In the life of Indre Kavaliauskaitė is a new challenge


Indrė Kavaliauskaitė, known for the world of dance, is behind the wheel of an innovative project and is announced in a press release.

"I have no doubt that I'm not so loved on dance TV. Dancing I love my childhood and being part of a project like this is a real holiday! When I was invited to marry this project, I first asked jokes: "Can I jump in? Actually, the project is for professionals, I'm happy to be close to you and lead you on this unforgettable journey," smiles the new project manager.

It is true that the role of the leader in this project will be different than usual – Indre will become the muse of the project – the person who will be closest to the participants throughout the project. Indre's job is to support each participant, help prepare for performances, inspire self-confidence, courage on the stage and constantly talk with dance professionals, try to reveal their individuality and listen to the most interesting stories of their lives.

Indre himself says that in dance she is not demanding and has no favorite style, so she is eager to see dancers playing both Cuban salsa and elegant foxtrot.

"I know that this time, high-level performances, professional dancers and choreography await the audience. Have you seen a shutdown of 120 cameras in your life? I have no doubt that this project will be a breath of fresh air, a true revolution in television. I've been waiting for a long time when I can finally tell the audience, "Can we jump?" And this time the best dancers of Lithuania ", – Indre Kavaliauskaitė says.

Leading a dance project without an ethereal partner, Indre is firmly convinced that when the love for her work is enormous, any assigned task can be controlled and in the project she does not feel totally alone.

"I always do my job with love, whether I'm working on stage or talking to people while I work, work alone or with a partner. After all, we are always responsible for ourselves and for our work. However, I will never be alone, because I am part of a wonderful team.

This time, our team is worried and working on preparing one of the best dance projects for you, dear viewers, we will try to make this project happy for you and be your most welcome guest every week, "smiles the new manager of project.

Indrė Kavaliauskaitė - Morkūnienė

Indrė Kavaliauskaitė – Morkūnienė

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