In the footsteps of John Valančiūnas – Martynas Echodas has become a rising star of the European Champion Clubs' Cup


The 21-year-old tall man is one of the most talented high jumpers of his generation in Europe and helped the Vilnius club reach the quarter-finals of the European Cup after a 7-year break.

M. Echod, who came from the bench, was the second best fighter of the ball, the third most successful and third best in Rytas.

The average of 2.04 m scored on average 9.6 points and recovered 5.1 in 18 games in the European Cup.

M.Echod joined the impressive winners of this title. Jonas Valančiūnas, Donatas Motiejūnas, Kristapas Porzingis, Victor Claveras, Milan Macquan, Bojanas Dublinevic, Mateus Ponitka, Roland Shmit and Janan Musa were recognized as the stars of the European Champion Clubs' Cup.


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