Friday , October 22 2021

In Jordan's life, an important celebration is: he gave sensitive words to his beloved


The queen of pop music, named George Butkutė-Strasevičienė, mentions a special day today. Her husband Elegijus Strasevičius is celebrating an important day.

The singer decided to congratulate her lover on one important occasion – 13 years of temperance. She wrote on Facebook: "I congratulate you, love me, with a very important life on your second birthday – 13 years of sobriety! Thank you for bringing me to the right path.

This beautiful gesture won many honors. Stano also contributed to the greeting. Many people are still waiting for their second birthday, but there are days left … "said Stanislav Stavick.

The news portal reminds us that in 2017, the artist told us that the breakthrough in her life happened when she met the Elegies. "But it was not easy. He did not accept it and did not suddenly make me queen. It was very difficult for him because I was in that hole. It has already happened, because nothing is unnecessary – God sent me Elegance unnecessarily, because there really was much suffering, "George recalls. The singer says that early in her friendship with her husband Elegie, she was still drinking alcohol, and Elegy thought it was normal for the show. Still, the alcohol did not stop, the couple began to get angry.

"We talked both beautiful and evil, and I realized that I was tired and did not want to lose this man because he was completely clean." I realized that I wanted to be with him and see how much he was doing. I did not want to lose this man and I was tired of my way of life.It was a breakthrough five years ago, on February 14. Five years ago, when I live a different life – I do not drink alcohol, "said the singer.

She was divorced.

George remembers that at the beginning of his friendship, she had divorced with Elegance. Then George asked him to go back. "An elegant person is not the one who gets expelled. He even told me later that if I were less loved, he would not have returned. So it was very difficult. But he came back and that's all. Then our new life began. Encouraged by this, I went to the Minnesota show, but I even agreed to go there – not tied there, have the urge to go. I came back from the program as vicious: I did not want to drink anymore. Then we went to Elegance for four months and traveled the world. Happy and happy to travel, "said the singer.

Wish disappeared

George says that since then she has completely lost the urge to drink, although doctors who talk about alcoholics say they are life-threatening and that they may fall at any moment.

"I did not feel like drinking. Of course, people are falling, but thank God, Elegy and me that I simply did not need to follow, suddenly the alcohol began to cease to exist. Maybe it was like this: my husband, teachers of the Minnesota program.

I understood everything I did not understand before. Earlier, doctors and friends, and my eternal mummy cried, even asked the television to stop drinking. I did not pay attention to anything, I thought, "What are you explaining to me?" You know how it is for everyone: "I want to drink, I do not want to." Thank God, I understood everything and now everything is different, "said the singer. She is grateful to her husband, Elegy, for all her raising. He is also grateful that he has returned to the great scene where people have trusted him again.

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