I. Zasimauskaitė, who overcame depression, advised on how to understand the warnings of the body


Some signs of depression may be more subtle and not always related to emotions. A well-known artist, Ieva Zasimauskaitė, who overcame this disease, openly admits what she had to survive and sends signals to her body to try to warn her that she needed help.

I did not understand your emotions

Almost a year ago, the famous singer I. Zasimauskaitė spoke publicly about the collision with the depression. Turning back and remembering the early symptoms of the disease, Eve says she can not ignore prolonged sadness and expect her to turn into depression.

"My sadness was different and he accompanied me from morning to night and it was not." When I told the people around me that I was sad, I got the answer that Everyone was sad, I understand, I'm not unique and would try to look positive in life. "The most difficult thing is that those around you do not understand if you do not suffer Many people do not understand, are afraid or just do not know how to help, – repentance I. Zasimauskaitė – Everyone seems happy around you and you start to think that only one of you is. how you feel, but when you realize that you do not understand, you begin to hide your emotions.It's a shame because you do not understand what happened to you.We usually hide our weakness with jokes or negative comments, sadness. It is some kind of instinct of self-protection, to protect yourself from the environment, so that no one touches you, do not question this matter.

The body sent aggressive signals

In the long run, Eve's sadness and anxiety turned into a serious illness that was not even suspected, even as the body began to send more aggressive signals. The artist was hit by panic attacks. According to her, this is one of the most terrible things that survived. You can not control your senses, the panic attack has hit the most unexpected places. "At that time, it seems to die, although if you go to a doctor or call an ambulance, do not get diagnosed with anything." To me, the panic attacks were repeated, then very scary. no one about it, because nobody understands it yet, "recalls I. Zasimauskaitė, whose husband said out loud that the condition and well-being of such a young woman are not normal and can not continue.

At that time, it seems to die, although if you go to a doctor or call an ambulance, do not be diagnosed with anything. For me, the panic attacks were repeated, then very scary.

Eve remembers that her husband, Marius, is calling in experts. Only then did the singer realize that he was suffering from depression. However, Eve admits that the help of a specialist is not something that can heal completely – it does not eliminate the cause but it eliminates the consequences. Eva managed to overcome depression without medication, changing her life, where regimen, prayer, meditation and healthy nutrition play an important role. "Marius first stopped smoking, refused to drink meat.Although I saw that he was changing his vision, becoming different in a good way, discovering peace, I had such a radical change of fear.But when I was in Barcelona I was lying in bed, it was scary, I thought I was going to die, so I turned to God: "If I heal myself, I promise that I will change something in my life. At first I'm going to smoke. " And from that first prayer, my life began to change. I started to follow the seminars on life, happiness, healthy lifestyle, I refused alcohol, I became a vegetarian, I went into day mode, I began to repeat the mantra and the depression disappeared ", recalls I. Zasimauskaitė, who won the fight against the insidious disease.

Not only sadness is the cause of an astute disease

Psychologist dr. Marius Daugelavičius reveals very sad statistics: about 20 to 25%. People all over the world have experienced episodes of depression at least once in their lifetime. Factors such as age or social status have little impact. Depression can affect anyone of any age, sex and education. The psychologist points out that depression is caused by a person's character. "Illness is most often a closed, unspeakable, autopreferent, and accusing person, inclined to take on various responsibilities, jobs, and subjects," dr. M. Daugelavičius.

However, sadness should not be attributed to the main symptoms of depression, as it can be a normal human emotion. According to a psychologist, if a person is sad, it is not a big problem. The problem is when he suppresses all his feelings. "Depression is a disorder of emotions." Man can stifle anger, always want to look good without being exhausted.While that is not the case, only one person is not allowed to express this negative feeling.Also with sadness.If a person but if one is ashamed to hide because the public needs to appear active and positive, in such cases there is an internal conflict that leads to depression. in the negative and begins to destroy itself from within, "says the psychologist Dr. M. Daugelavičius.

Depression is a disorder of clogged emotions. Man can stifle anger, always want to look good without being exhausted.

According to a psychologist, one of the most prominent signs of depression is high fatigue, interest in his hobbies and activities and negative thinking. People with depression often suffer from sleep disorders, go through thoughts of suicide. Dr. M. Daugelavičius also points out that depression is not only visited in the fall or spring. According to him, the season has no significant impact on this disease. When the seasons change, depression may increase, but it can occur at any time.

Physiological disorders

With foot depression, it is often not just the unexplained fatigue, apathy and sleep disorders that happen. Experts say some signs of depression may be more subtle and not always directly related to emotions. The disease also includes less obvious symptoms of depression that cause even physical pain and physiological changes in the body.

According with the doctor. People who suffer from depression often complain of various physical ailments and diseases of unspecified origin and seek out experts for the causes of their illnesses. Depression usually affects the back or chest, joints or muscles, headaches, digestive disorders. Psychological illness alters heart rate, increases heart rate and increases blood pressure.

Depression can also be triggered by a non-emotional thyroid. There are cases where depression is mistaken for thyroid disease because some mental illnesses and thyroid symptoms are very similar. The hormonal disorder can cause up to 60 symptoms of depression – weakness, sluggishness, drowsiness, nervousness, fatigue and so on.

Long-term stress

Scientists warn that a treacherous disease can be flagged and unhealthy by a great thrill of surfing the web. Modern technologies are particularly active in the emotional state of people. Continuous testing of smart devices is the first sign of a person suffering from high stress.

A person who is dependent on a computer or mobile device usually experiences anxiety and stress in the long run. Research by Hyung Suk Seo, a professor at the University of Seoul, shows that dependence on smart devices is closely related to neurochemical imbalance in the brain, depression, anxiety, insomnia and impulsivity.

According to experts, at certain stages of life, stress can be a part of life. However, the perceived long-term stress and anxiety it causes are very dangerous and harmful to human health. Its consequence is a bad mood, apathy, a feeling of hopelessness, sadness that eventually goes into depression.

Movement and Nutrition

Experts point out that in the early stages of depression, the disease can be overcome by your own efforts. Psychologists emphasize that lifestyle is a very important link to mental illness. That's why sports, communication with others, meditation and even some plant extracts or a combination of vitamins can help fight depression.

Serotonin, a good mood hormone, produces when a person moves actively, engages in heart-like activities. The psychologist points out that the three major "whales" in which serotonin remains are the sun, physical movement and favorite activity.

If a person wants to help themselves to overcome depression, it is necessary to say, do not be afraid to complain, help, if he is unable to speak – write a blog, stick to your favorite activities, try to have as much active physical activity in non-intelligent technologies.

It is also recommended to pay attention to diet, consume a lot of food containing folic acid – spinach, asparagus, avocado, broccoli, egg. Use vitamins and supplements for the nervous system, which include B vitamins, vitamin C, folic acid and magnesium. Also included are synergistic herbal extracts, such as saffron, turmeric (curcumin) and bicalococcal extracts that help maintain a normal psychological function. In the United States, a few years ago, the results of a study showing that symptoms of depression disappear more quickly and effectively in patients taking folic acid were published. Contemporary scientists have conducted a series of studies with saffron with antidepressant properties and their effects on our body. The most expensive seasoning in the world is not recommended only for food production. Saffron used properly improves the general well-being of the body and can help overcome mild forms of depression.


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