How will people take care of 1000 years?


We get a lot in a relatively short time, so we just have to guess how we'll look and how we'll live a thousand years ago.

The last episode of AsapSCIENCE discusses some of the most important and exciting advances in current science, which will undoubtedly determine the future of our future. First of all, we people have great reason to be proud – our brains are so incredible they can not even match the most advanced computer system.

In 2014, scientists in Japan used K computers (one of the most powerful computers in the world) and tried to simulate brain activity. You want to believe you do not want to, but the amount of information our brain processes in a second requires 705,000. 24 major processors, 1.4 million. GB of RAM and forty minutes. However, we are far from being always ahead of our own machines.

Scientists predict that in the future, computer processing speeds will not only flow through the human brain, but will also create artificial intelligence capable of speaking, communicating, listening and remembering. It is hoped that all this information and its application potential will not be directed against us. In addition, as computers become more and more people, the latter will have to deal with robots more and more.

Experts say that in the future we will all come with tiny robots, also known as nanorobots, that will simply live in our bodies, solve problems and increase our natural powers.

Transhumanism (ie the so-called synergy of technology and people) will ensure that people not only will not have biological bolts, but also guaranteed opportunities that we do not even dream about.

Interestingly, technology has the potential to dramatically change not just our bodies. In the future, microscopic robots will be able to build buildings as needed and also dismantle them quickly.

"Just imagine: you go to work and your house is destroyed and knocked over, giving way to another project," says AsapSCIENCE.

In the next millennia, the number of languages ​​used on our planet will decrease dramatically. In addition, changing the weather and increasing UV radiation will make darker skin a clear advantage.

Experts point to another important point: if you want to survive, you will have to become considerably taller and more tolerant.

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