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20-21 March 20-21 April

The melancholy mood will prevail on Tuesday, it will be difficult to motivate yourself for active actions. You can face people from the past. Usually, the resolute and optimistic representatives of the Aries Zodiac will become more sensitive, deliberate and double. Set aside time for your inner world, analyze the feelings you are experiencing. Avoid excessive physical loads, rest more. Tonight's dreams will be significant.


April 20-21, May 21, 22

Today the representatives of the Joy of the Zodiac will create grandiose plans for the future, and they will want to fly in the clouds. Allow yourself to dream, but do not rush to take the plans, but the time is not right. Join a new team to achieve common goals. Can make new friendships, dating useful. Refrain from investing more.


May 21-22 until June 21

There will be no confusion in the life of the representatives of the sign of the zodiac. On Tuesday you will be very philosophical, romantic and inclined to idealize everything. The greatest difficulties await the twins whose professional activity requires focus on specific outcomes, with particular diligence and detail, the likely shameful mistakes. It is beneficial to deal with real estate.


June 21-22 until July 23/24

The Zodiac Cancer Day is waiting for an easy and fun day. You will be happy today, with people happy with your heart. It is a good time to perform the procedures of beauty and salvation. Likes to travel, make new friends. You will be very charming and charismatic, your popularity will increase, the attention of the opposite sex will increase significantly. Fortune will smile and deal with financial matters.


July 23 to 24 until August 23/24

On Tuesday, strange anxiety and fear can be disturbed. Be very cautious with new friendships and suggestions on this day – the high likelihood of trying to engage you in risky activities will be hidden. And you will be prone to intrigue yourself. It is especially responsible for dealing with monetary issues. Let's calm the night, avoid the little ones you know.


August 23 to 24 until September 23/24

Your ideas will be welcomed, you will receive the support of people whose opinions are important to you. Today you will have to deal with important documents, negotiate, negotiate. Check all the details carefully, not relying on the beautiful words of others. This is a crazy day, be careful when driving. At night, representatives of the Virgin of the Zodiac will especially desire romance and will be open to new acquaintances.


September 23-24 to October 23/24

Representatives of zodiac scale signs are eager for success in their professional activities. Today you will be noticed and appreciated for merit. Take care of your image, act impeccably, do not give pretext to the crowds. It's good to manage financial affairs, invest in looks, health. Do not forget the world of feelings, focus on your inner experiences.


October 23, 24 through 22/23 November

Love and money will be the main themes today. On Tuesday, the Scorpio Zodiac sign will be crushed by a very ardent mood, not afraid to put everything on the card. For personal gain, do not violate other rights, avoid manipulations, psychological pressure. You will be open to new experiences and romantic encounters.


November 22 to 23 until December 22, 23

House Hell, Home Without Home – These are representatives of the Sagittarius sign on Tuesday. Concerns and misunderstandings at home hurt your mood and tension. Today, much will depend on your own initiative, but it will be difficult to motivate yourself for active action. A good time for artists, psychologists, and healers working in hospitals can open new career prospects.


December 22, 23 January 20/21

Representatives of the Capricorn Zodiac await important news from afar. Problems at work will lead to an onerous internal state and can cause health problems. On Tuesday, more often, lynx technology, electronics, vehicles. You can become a hostage of circumstances in which little will depend on your will. Today, much dating will be available, and you may have to ask an influential friend for the service.


20-21 January through February 19/20

Avoid living out of your pocket, today the magic will make a lasting impression. On Tuesday, I'd rather not make new, responsible projects. If you can not avoid it, pay special attention to the quality of work done, do not pretend. The day is not favorable for cash loans, for risky investments is a high probability of suffering financially.


February 19, 20 to March 20/21

Today, the representatives of the Zodiac Sign will want to express themselves actively, and not only will there be great ideas. It is true that the ideas of this day may lack practicality, realism, do not rush to act, do not think well. It's more important to postpone important and responsible issues for next week. On Tuesday, your communicative skills will come up and you will easily express your thoughts. Have fun dating.

The horoscope was made by astrologist Viktorija Greviškienė ("Astrology and Life").


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