Happy Birthday, Apple! 7 amazing facts about this company


Seven interesting things about Apple, which you may not have known about, were selected by seven Arnold Lukoski, a specialist in Tele2's Innovation Cabinet.

1. Who made Apple?

The Apple name is most often associated with Steve Job, but he actually created the first computer not only but with his friends Steve Woznia and Ronald Wayne. Interestingly, the latter, who did not believe in Apple's future success and did not want to risk personal funds, sold Jobs 10% less than two weeks after the company's founding. for only $ 800. Today would be worth billions.

2. One of the first investments is a calculator

Meanwhile, said Wozniak believed that Apple would be successful to start-up and sold its … calculator to raise money for new companies. Although it sounds strange today, in 1976, when mass production was not yet in place, a professional calculator was extremely valuable. The founder of Apple then sold his own for up to $ 500. Wozniak worked in conjunction with the S.Jobs until 1985.

3. Logo History

The story of the logo depicting the apple in the reptile is undermined by many theories – it is an allusion to the biblical story of Adam and Eve, the discovery of Isaac Newton's law of attraction when an apple fell on the head, or a computer term bit the words bit and bite in English are similar). However, this sign was created by Rob Janoffasteig in 1977 that none of them is correct. According to him, Jobs's only desire was not to create a fluffy logo. Now the brand's iconic designer has introduced several variants in the same way: a monochrome, a metallic and a striped. The latter did not come in vain – the Apple II was the first personal computer capable of displaying all the colors on the monitor.

4. An inverted apple

Although the Apple logo has changed very little and the same shape has been maintained, its position has changed. Initially, the rolled apple brand was on the right side of the computer and turned upside down in the open (apple leaf on the bottom). This solution was consumer oriented so they knew which side to open the device. However, the overturned logo appeared poorly in Hollywood movies and advertisements, so in the 1990s the decision was changed and the logo on the right side is now visible on the computer.

5. Smoking and device warranty

Did you know that smoking a tobacco product near an Apple computer or holding it in a smoking room can void your warranty? While this information is not included under Apple's warranty, geek.com has found that employees of the manufacturer's official warranty centers sometimes refuse to repair the computer they bring if they find traces of nicotine during the repair. According to Apple, nicotine, which is deposited in computer parts, can be treated as secondhand smoke, which can endanger the health of employees at the centers.

6. 9: 41

All official or commercial photos with iPhone phones can always see the same time on their screens, 9:41. This is of course not in vain – it's just that minute in 2007 and the first iPhone that brought Apple's success was introduced.

7. … and rebellious 10: 9

Apple watches also show the same time in photos or videos – 10:09. Traditionally, watchmakers depict their devices as 10:10, because in such an arrow position, the display and the name of the watch are best viewed. It is said that Apple deliberately chose to rebel and show a minute earlier – as a message that they are always ahead of their competitors.


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