Gerda and Andrius Samogitians are expecting the first common baby


Reporter and producer of "TV Help" repeatedly reminded in an interview that they just did not have the total of their two children to their full happiness. To the joy of the couple, DELFI, their dreams were destined to bear fruit.

Talking about G. Žemaitė's pregnancy in the entertainment business, the language flooded for a long time, was accelerated and changed slightly the woman's appearance, which was also noticed by the TV assistants, DELFI, who sent the stopcuders.

TV help release

TV help release

DELFI reminds us that the couple married twice – on April 19, 2017, they married gold rings in exotic Thailand, and on May 6 Gerda and Andri talked to each other about the "yes" in Marijampolė.

April 19 was not chosen by chance for the celebration. "I wanted a date that was very important to me – the dates of my parents' marriage." They lived happily and happily all their lives. "Relationships, I think, need to be legalized if the couple is thinking about having children. we are still thinking about having ", – said G. Žemaitė before the pregnancy.

According to the journalist, the husband is a great father who takes care not only of the children, but also of the general public. This is precisely why a woman wanted to have common children.

"He is a wonderful father, he takes care of his children, his relationship with his children, and how he interacts with them – I can only answer the best about it. G. Žemaitė said in the Red Carpet program.

Shortly after the couple settled in Kaunas.

Have to meet the coffee

G. Žemaitė in the program "The red carpet was revealed when she became acquainted with A. Žemaitis.

"Although I watched TV for a while, but what is Andrius Žemaitis, I did not know. He told me that I wanted to invite you to contribute to the project, to try." I thought that meeting was worth it. Marijampolė, we met at a café, "she said.

"It was a simple, natural and organic thing.We have communicated with our children, we had fun.And I saw that this is a person who likes my children, I have contact with her son.It was not a kind of coup – she always was in the house next door, "A. Žemaitis replied to her favorite TV show.

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