G. Kievin, COVID-19: “Bones terribly broken, there was a big headache”


Kievan gitautas, a Vilnius “Spark-MRU” specialist who beat the coronavirus, was in a good mood over the weekend. The self-isolation period ended just before him, shutting him and the rest of the team home for half a month.

“Cheers – like a bull”, joked G. Kievin when talking to the website “Moterulyga.lt”. “I can finally reach out to people.”

G. Kievin felt the symptoms two days after the October 9 game with the reserve team – Vilnius “Kibirkštimi-VKM”. The last members also had to be quarantined immediately.

The COVID-19 infection reminded the flu coach, but one symptom was particularly severe.

“It broke terribly, there were a lot of headaches, maybe partial dizziness,” said Kievin. “But mostly symptoms like elementary flu.”

In consultation with the National Center for Public Health (NVSC), G. Kievin found that coronavirus symptoms appear 3-4 days after contact with an infected person.

After tracking the “Kibirkšties-MRU” chain of activities, the coach guessed that he may have become infected while working in kindergarten.

G. Kievin was plagued by a slightly higher temperature in just one day, and the body finally recovered from the COVID-19 virus in five days.

“I drank a lot of fluids, mainly tea, the ginger helped the medicine to lower the temperature,” said the strategist.

After G. Kievin received a positive result in the COVID-19 test, the two teams in the pyramid – “Spark-MRU” and “Spark-VKM” were quickly investigated. In its main composition, the virus has spread widely – Spark-MRU has announced a total of nine infections.

“There were no serious illnesses among the players, they had asymptomatic cases, perhaps with a small runny nose,” G. Kievin told Moterulyga.lt, adding that the infected team must now be resistant to the virus that is paralyzing the world again. “The blood of our patients now has the value of gold, already with immunity”.

Due to two weeks of quarantine, two “Spark-MRU” matches have been postponed in the “Huawei Women’s League”: both at home – with “Šiauliai” and Klaipėda “Neptūnas”.

The Vilnius women, who successfully got rid of the COVID-19 virus, plan to return to work on Monday. It is true that first we will have to return to the pre-seasonal process, and next weekend the first match of the season with the Huawei Women’s League, as well as the Kaunas Aistiai-LSMU team marching without defeat, awaits us.

“We will try to start from scratch, dive into fitness,” said Kievin. – Two weeks without training is a long time. I think it will take at least a week to get in. “


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