Five advanced and advanced video card parameters


The video card is the heart of the computer game and one of the main engines for the development of modern computer games and kryptovaliut mining markets.

Of course even the most advanced video card in the world would not be able to "save" a weak computer, but by integrating a powerful video card into the appropriate system, new experiences can be given even to the most demanding players. In this article, computer technicians tell you about the 5 most important parameters that must be captured by a truly powerful and advanced video card.

1. Type of memory card and video card capacity

First of all, when choosing a video card, you should pay attention to its capacity and type of storage. According to video card experts, the higher the memory capacity of the video card, the higher the performance, which is very important for tasks related to "sophisticated" graphics: high-definition video editing or advanced games . It is true that it is wise to compare video cards according to their capacity only if comparable models are of similar type and video memory because these parameters also affect performance. It is also very important to pay attention to the type of memory. The best options are GDDR5X or GDDR5.

2. CrossFire / SLI

CrossFire is an AMD / ATI graphics card manufacturer, while SLI is a manufacturer of nVidia. Both cases include the ability to integrate two video cards at the same time into one computer, which allows you to combine your power and get a greater overall system performance. Experts in video cards point out that to take advantage of this technology, it must be supported not only by integrated graphics cards, but also by the motherboard.

3. Virtual reality technology support

Most of the virtual reality solutions available in the market are best suited for smart phones, but there are some really serious and exciting devices designed for computers. Virtual reality offers players a totally different experience: it allows you to fully immerse yourself in the gaming world. It is true that you need a video card that supports VR.

The power of video card determines the fluidity of virtual reality entertainment. To generate a virtual reality view without any disturbance or delays, note that your graphics card supports VR Ready technology.

4. Support for DirectX 12

DirectX is a specialized software package that is responsible for interoperability between computer software and hardware components. In general, the later the version of DirectX is supported by the graphics card, the broader its capabilities.

5. Ultra HD

Obviously, Ultra HD resolution conquers the content market and will soon become a new standard. Now many modern games support 4K resolution and thus provide a new level of clarity, clarity and detail. The image size is 3840 x 2160 pixels, which is equivalent to four FullHD screens at one time. In addition, 4K provides a significantly greater color depth. When choosing a video card, pay attention to what maximum resolution it can withstand as this greatly affects the experience of using it.


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