Fireworks and wreaths are burning in Vilnius: the traditional Rasa festival started at the Verkiai Palace Park


The Race Festival at Verkiai Palace Park is already on the 20th. The Pavilniai and Verkiai Regional Parks Board invites villagers and cities to dress in crowns, split the Dome of nine herbs, catch a raccoon and families with friends and arrive to the park of Verkiai, which smells like linden.

"As early as the twentieth summer, when nature and herbs bloom, they are full, let's celebrate the earliest festival of the shortest night, the return of the Sun," organizers say.

The celebration is already home to traditional Rasa celebration enthusiasts, friends, acquaintances and families. Event organizers promise from 7 pm onwards vouchers, wreaths, herbs, herbal tea, domes, contractual honors of fire rituals on the altar of Lizdeika, accompanied by songs in the afternoon sun, jump into the fire, leave crowns of flowers in Nerim, take the dew in the morning and find the sun in the morning.

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